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Tap Petshop iphone cheats free paws coins ipod touch app game

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Hi 3 yr ago x
I deleted it, please note when deleted pet shop saves your data
abby 3 yr ago x
so i want moey now
Alibear 3 yr ago x
I really need to get free paws cause I can't buy any cause mum and dad won't let me so I am stuck and it is getting lame but one night I woke up and found I had1paw help me.
Ps. People who made this game better Chang it quick or you will lose a lot of players!
Ryan 3 yr ago x
To have many coins you just set date and time this is the way Settings>>>General>>>Set date and time I don't know how to get paws.
Alicia 3 yr ago x
You can go onto the store catagory and use game coins to buy a treat dispenser then make treats! You can choose how much and how long, and they don't rot or anything!
Bryttb17 3 yr ago x
You should give away free every five days or something!!
Bryttb17 3 yr ago x
**Free paws**
Oddball 3 yr ago x
Hey I no how but it is super duper confusing I'm going to try it tonight tell you how it goes!
Oddball 3 yr ago x
Hi me again I just wanted to say about my last one it was for paws and coins it is really hard but like I said gonna try it c how it goes!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Daniel  3 yr ago x
Please can anyone tell me how to cheat at tap pet shop I know this game is really nice but kinda bored if you won't have any money or paws if anyone of you read this message and you know it please send it to my email or just write it at here thanks.
Kitty 3 yr ago x
You can get paws from the mystery prize if you give your pet enough treats I got 5 paws from my double doodle
daniel 3 yr ago x
I want to get many paws directly at one time
Melissa  3 yr ago x
You could try being patient and collect paws/coins from finishing quests or rewarding your pets. There is one quest that if you complete it, you get 15 paws, and you could get free paws too - just press the button to "buy" paws, where there is a selection of what you want to get, and on the bottom of the screen there is this button that you could do to earn coins and paws for free - like registering for a website or something like that. Although it is much better to be patient with your progress since I have been working on mine for maybe a couple of months and I still enjoy it.
Good luck
Hokeypokey 3 yr ago x
How the heck do you get paws they are completely impossible!!!
Hi 3 yr ago x
To get paws you have to give the pets treats and make them happy and sometimes you get paws!
Hi 3 yr ago x
Right now I have 900 paws and did not buy any also have 100,999,999,471 coins!
Raheel 2 yr ago x
There is a cheat by just jailbreak ur idevice and download iap cracker from cydia then go to pet shop go to buy coins then purchase any pack of money and u will get it for free
Raheel 2 yr ago x
I have 1000000000000 coins
JeanelsanMoreno 2 yr ago x
Hey guys same thing to cheat is change the date on settings Go to settings date&time change the date and that's it. :) subscribe me on fb for the warm thanks. :)
sarahdej_ 2 yr ago x
Libby 1 yr ago x
I might try this ?
Salo 38 wk ago x
How can I get free paws?
No name 17 wk ago x
How to get free paws without spending real money easily???
Horse lover 11 wk ago x
How are you sopposed to get free paws I can't even pay because I have in app purchases off so there is no way I can get them Nickey how do I get that it's annoying because the vip lady wants me to buy a snake but I cant afford it

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