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mooncraft free iphone app cheats guide controls minecraft ipod touch game

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neil 13 yr ago x
Minecraft on the Moon! This app is almost better than Minecraft. The controls could be bigger and it needs a crafting guide.

tags: mooncraft, minecraft clone, ipad, hide ads, better controls
erik 13 yr ago x
This imitates minecraft pretty well. The controls are a bit difficult though. A crafting guide would also be nice indeed. Sometimes it lags.
Cody 13 yr ago x
Controls are glitchy. How do you craft stuff like better boots or a jetpack? I would like an assemblers guide. The only problem is it it crashes sometimes.
gabby 13 yr ago x
how do i make weapons
bilder 13 yr ago x
can you tell me how can i build an crafting table or other things
Awesomo 13 yr ago x
@bilder there is no crafting table
Reivax 13 yr ago x
I saw a video... This guy made lights... How?
sadi 13 yr ago x
The data disks you get from gunned down astronughts have clues in them for crafting.

the lagging is caused by the fact that the game needs alot of memory to run, try reloading app to fix this.

But that been said, even with the hints..... like the Pistol stock an barrel need to be good quality metal... i just cant work out how to make anything.... except magnets that is.
Logan 13 yr ago x
Hey guys and girls, if you have a jail-broke Iphone or Ipod go to cydia and search for an app called ifile.
Once u do that go into ifile and click on the following
scroll down and you should find a page called recipes. View it with text viewer and you can see all recipes.
Or if you want me to email you a list of recipes or more info I can be reached at
(just my junk email address)
Rickster 13 yr ago x
You can use lights cause lights are already there anyway those multicolour blocks are lights they help a lot when it gets really dark on the moon I built a house using lights before and I had an underground exit but for some reason it won't lent me save mine does anyone know why?
rudolf 13 yr ago x
is there better guns you can get?
can you spawn npc's?
and is ther ther mobs to fight othe then the astronaughts...?
Sadi 13 yr ago x
A gold block with a big letter G ran away from me yesterday.
Pillon 13 yr ago x
That wasnt a Gold block with a G. That was a little Vampire thing. And the G was an ear.
Pillon 13 yr ago x
And how do you make better ITEMS!!!!
ive made green stuff with whith flacks in it
NPAMineCraft 13 yr ago x
Hey guys guess what

i was playing mooncraft and i saw some wierd blue thing that looked like a creeper so i shot it and lost my drill.... HOW THE HELL DO I GET IT BACK?!?!?!
Bob321 13 yr ago x
U have to kill it o make a new one they steal ur stuff so ya they suck
Lombax0987-1224 13 yr ago x
I discovered under recepies on ifile (read logans comment for this) call ResourceRules. Click on it and then click Property List Viewer. Click

rules Dictionary>
and then click
Info. Dictionary>
then click
Weight. Dictionary>
and press backspace(or change it to Anything exept 0) and then play mooncraft.Now it is more moon-like by there is not much gravity!!!!!
Poo poo 13 yr ago x
Crap I forgot how to make a magnet... I'm on the verge of making a turret...and a jet pack...and an energy orb...ect.
Lombax0987-1234 13 yr ago x
Oh,NPAMinecraft, all you need to do is make a mechanism,
An 'A' represents refined Aluminium. Make 2 Mechs
and then do this:
with a 'b' for battery. To make a battery, just do
With an 'l' for light source. A light source is found on the tree things. But of course, you can't break stuff, so your game is bassicly(online I rarely spell correctly.) useless.

I am a fan of Ratchet and Clank. And Mine/Mooncraft!!!
Poo poo 13 yr ago x
Hey lombax what's the code next to your name question mark. Heheh PS what's M stand for question mark.
Poo poo 13 yr ago x
Hey lombax any chance you know how to make ether an energy orb, a lazer pistol (which needs an energy orb anyway) or jetpack?
Joseph 13 yr ago x
Hey Lombrax any way to change lighting or make a texture pack with ifiles?
Poo poo 13 yr ago x
Guys I need your opinion on which of my Mooncraft houses are the best! One problem is that 2 out of my three houses are lost. :( I can only upload one house at a time so I'll have 2 more comments.

Poo poo 13 yr ago x
This is the next house.

Poo poo 13 yr ago x
This is the last house and the first I lost!

Lombax0987-1234 13 yr ago x
HEY GUYS!!! I fixed the biogel recepie!!!!!! In items.txt the 'wood' is referred as 'moonwood'. So open recepies.txt and change wood to moonwood! It works!
Lombax0987-1234 13 yr ago x
Yes Joseph, find textures256reversed.png
On iFile and you can change that. About the lighting, I have to figure that out.Poo Poo, a slug pistol does not need a energy orb. The version 3 slug pistol does. To make a jetpack version 2, do this:
With a 'T' for refined titanium and an 'E' for energy orb. To make an energy orb, do this:
With a 'P' for Power crystal, and an 'N' for neptunium. To make neptunium use 16 blue crystals in the Assembler.It is not a code, it is just to make sure it is not taken or anything. Before it said 0987-1224 because I made a mistake and the 'M' is for Mechanism. Sorry but I made the drill recepie a mistake. It is:

and a mech actually is this:
And you can break things with your hand, but it is very slow. I discovered a cool cheat just now(made up) and it is to get you anything!!! All you do is using iFile go to recepies.txt and copy the recepie of the thing you wish to have, and change it to:
nothing, 0, nothing, 0, nothing, 0
nothing, 0, dirt, 1, nothing, 0
nothing, 0, nothing, 0, nothing, 0
and then save the file and run mooncraft. Put 1 dirt block in the centre of the Assembler, and there you go!!! Your item will appear for you. Then change the recepie of the item back to normal, and then it's recepie will be normal again. I'm happy to answer anymore questions, so you can ask away! Also, I'm on the Mooncraft Wiki, so you can google that.
Lombax0987-1234 13 yr ago x
I might upload some texture packs for you on this page and some on the Mooncraft Wiki. I will be working on them! You can request your own custom texture pack made by me, if you don't have iFile to do your own!
Feordin 13 yr ago x
How or where do u find/make the power crystal?
Adam 13 yr ago x
Crafting Guide:
Your Welcome
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