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Office Zombie iphone cheats free Hatchet entertainment pack app

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Cheesepuff 6 yr ago x
How do I get backstapled off the checklist
Waffles 6 yr ago x
To get cold kiss u have to throw the fish at him until he turns around and it sticks to his face. :D
Julie 6 yr ago x
How do you get extra eyeballs? I'm sick of doing daily challenges to get eyeballs. I still need the soda can and the cauldron.
Ptrune 6 yr ago x
How do you do the water squirt one !????
Briana 6 yr ago x
How do you complete magic hand and hot potato on office zombie? (: Thanks!
Hddjdtgx 6 yr ago x
How do u complete employee o month
Solstice 6 yr ago x
To get employee o the month you throw the hammer and try to hit the picture by the water fountain try that a couple times then you will get it!
Solstice 6 yr ago x
How do u complete the hot headed on the checklist
Dude 6 yr ago x
How do I break the door window
Kenzie  6 yr ago x
Why do u give free card ?
Lynnell 6 yr ago x
How do I get backstapled off the checklist
Tj 6 yr ago x
Behead is when you use the bear trap and hit him on the arm
zombie freaker 6 yr ago x
how do u do hothead??????????
Help 6 yr ago x
How do you do slimy hug ugh
AngryBirdMasterOfMasters 6 yr ago x
To break the window throw (almost anything) at it fast and far. Then tah dah! You did it!
AngryBirdsMasterOfMasters 6 yr ago x
To get the water squirt (on both Office Jerk and Office Zombie) for OJ trow the pencil at it a few times. Then you will get it.
Sadlittleduck 6 yr ago x
How do you get "go finger"?
CoolCat21 6 yr ago x
How do you this one its so harder than officejerk and we need more weapons or eatever!!!!!
AngryBirdsMasterOfMasters 6 yr ago x
Sorry I mean it only works 4 OJ. xP fa!l
Andy B 6 yr ago x
Anyone know how to get the 'arm-y of one' achievement on Office Zombie as its the last one I need. Thanks.
Zombie Freak 6 yr ago x
To get "Lose Your Head" you keep throwing the black ball with the little squid on it at his head it will eventually fall off and he will put it on backwards! To get "Arm-y of One" you again use the little black ball. You throw it at his shoulder to get his attention and he will turn around to catch the ball but his arm falls of backwards! It takes a lot of tries to get these so be patient! Enjoy!
Fuzzy 6 yr ago x
I earned the cactus (did all 30), yet it wont let me throw it. Plewse fix this bug
matchew 6 yr ago x
matchew 6 yr ago x
And fuzzy the same things happening to me except its just not showing me all yhe achievments so maybe thats what is going on
Mammaweavs 5 yr ago x
How do you get the no escape on checklist
Dill 5 yr ago x
How do u do 'caught your eye' and 'greatest hits' please?
Ydolem 5 yr ago x
Is there a way I can get the bug to appear faster during squash the bug challenge in office zombie?
Ydolem 5 yr ago x
Is there a way to get the bug on the screen appear again faster during the 'squash the bug' challenge in office zombie?

jj 5 yr ago x
How do you hit him in a row without missing
lo 4 yr ago x
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