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DESTINIA free cash cheats tips/hacks Android/iPhone/iTouch game

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tomato884 10 yr ago x
hey guys i know how to hack DESTINIA its like to hack in ZENONIA (search in ask4all-questions)
but i want to know how to hack the Coins in the special shop
i have rooted phone and gamecih and hex editor
thx in advance

tags: ipad app, ipod touch, free cash, revive cheats

Update / message from Zak:
Hey guys, Tomato884 is no longer active on this forum so if you are going to request gold (not coins) please ask either 'Zak, Masteric, or Amad!' If you need weapons and/or armor, request to 'Azure' or 'Lazt16!' :)
tomato884 10 yr ago x
ah and i have android 2.1
Destinia 10 yr ago x
tomato884 10 yr ago x
lol i have highe hits like 2 million

if anyone needs money just post ur ID and ill send you sth.

edit: @everyone
i wouldnt send gold anymore and no items etc...
Synnrj 10 yr ago x
Do you know how to root? I have an lg optimus with gingerbread 2.3.3. I had the froyo 2.2 but got the zvh update. My phone version is ls670zvh could you please help?!?

O also I could use gold and zen in zenonia 3 and destinia thanks
Ixiion 10 yr ago x
Please tomato send me some coins xD. ID 9858609343
Lloydskidudes 10 yr ago x
Please, tomato884 i need coins my id is 9958635432
Reeves 10 yr ago x
Please Tomato884 can u send me some coins my id is 9958649147 thx very much
Lloydskidudes 10 yr ago x
tomato884 Thank You if you already sent me :)
imnotinsane 10 yr ago x
tomato can u sendme some coins my id is 9858611089
phisis 10 yr ago x
pls send me some cash tomato884 id
tomato884 10 yr ago x
WOW thats really much but ill do it tonight :)
9858652381 10 yr ago x
Can i have gold??? ID:9858652381
Rayrioku 10 yr ago x
Can i have gold on Zenonia3?
Id Rayrioku
tomato884 10 yr ago x
idk but i have rooted my phone with the application visionARY.apk
the r12 version is best

yea ill send and at evryone
i have send cash :)
tomato884 10 yr ago x
ehm rayiku this forum is destinia forum not zenonia sry and the max. cash in zenonia to send is 1000
Rayrioku 10 yr ago x
Oh, ok didnt know that...thanks;-)
tomato884 10 yr ago x
rayrioko get destinia its better then zenonia 3+2+1
better graphics but really quickly graphic :)
Paladin 10 yr ago x
Can I please have some gold, too? :) ID is 9858623572
leelee 10 yr ago x
can i have some cash too? D: ID is 9858610457. please and thank you :o
9858652381 10 yr ago x
How much can you give tomato?
Xavier1c 10 yr ago x
Can I get sen alot please id is 9858609750
Rayrioku 10 yr ago x
Can i have gold
Id 9858652381
viciousart 10 yr ago x
Tomato can you send me some coin? I'd: 9858613390
ceooworld 10 yr ago x
Hey my ID is 9858606669. also i would like a TUT on how to hex edit it all. i cant find my save file in on the phone and yeah..
ceooworld 10 yr ago x
@ destinia. xD that warrior is sad because my rouge has 6267 at level 42 :3
josh111 10 yr ago x
emm tomato i knw its already too much but im really poor in destinia but pls send me coins
heres my ID 9958640987
TrutH 10 yr ago x
Tomato, can a android phone hack this game too? Talking about Destinia.

ALSO send me money aswell please!! My ID is 9858609834
Ixiion 10 yr ago x
dick 10 yr ago x
tomato...i need id is 9858609946...thank
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