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DESTINIA free cash cheats tips/hacks Android/iPhone/iTouch game

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Kuya Ehm Taps 6 yr ago x
hehe Pinoy k pala
Luxferre 6 yr ago x
uu dre

can you please dont use my name.. ill give you tomorrow just wait.. only money.. bcoz i cant duplicate my items..
Luxferre 6 yr ago x

i dont know wht your talking about
wolwerine 6 yr ago x
luxferre can you help me with zenonia then? my android tab is not jailbroken tho
Luxferre 6 yr ago x

zenonia 1..?
what version of android..? i think you can use gingerbreak.. thats the easiest way to root android.. just download it in 4shared
wolwerine 6 yr ago x
zenonia 3 luxferre and I have 2.2
Luxferre 6 yr ago x

im sorry i dont know how to root android 2.2
what help in zenonia do you want..?
Luxferre 6 yr ago x
does who want gold cheat in destinia this is the instruction :)

1) Find the most expensive item you can buy in the item shop that is stackable!
2) Do the item duplication cheat
Put an item in first slot and do a search for the number of those items you have
Put a different item that you have a different number of in the first slot and redo search
for that # of items. Repeat until you have only 1 address left.
I found the address to be 8127bbaa.
3) Put the most expensive item you can stack in first slot and change the number. I don't know how many you can stack in this game,but i use max number.. and then sell it.. dont mind your gold.. if your gold is reach to 0 continue to sell the item you duplicate and then you can see your gold billion

note: you can buy in npc if you do this..!

sorry for my english.. :)
BroB 6 yr ago x
Can anyone send me a +20 Lvl 99 Dragon Slayer, Greatsword for my Warrior? Thanks! Will send money if need trade.

my id: 9858469793
wolwerine 6 yr ago x
Luxferre I only need gold and maybe a hacked level 60ish set for my mechanic launcher :D my name/ID is sjz3819 so if you could send any I would appreciate a lot
the sad one :( 6 yr ago x
the cheat of forge high lvl items isnt working :S i really need gold guys
wolwerine 6 yr ago x
luxferre thanks for the zenonia health potion and the coop team member tipp I already knew that thats the fastest way to get high levels ( I reached level 60 as soon as I got to the town XD ) but I didn't know that guys name so thanks
SilverDJ69 6 yr ago x
Luxferre can you duplicate items on iPod and if yes can you show me how
NIGHTPRINCE85 6 yr ago x
I found the ACTIVE VOLCANO HELM. But didnt know it was the highest helm, so i sold it. Cant remember what creature dropped it. Does anyone know what creature or where i can find it again?
NightPrince85 6 yr ago x
i have a android 4G EVO Shift. Can anyone tell me how to root it.
nightprince85 6 yr ago x
Can anyone tell me how to root my 4G Evo Shift?
Luxferre 6 yr ago x

i can only duplicate my weapon and stackable item like potion..


what is the android version..?
jam2chat 6 yr ago x
can you give me items and golds for my lvl90 sniper?
here's my id number: 9858433847 .. thanks in advance ..
thelazt16 6 yr ago x
.anyone want some trick for hacking or cheating zenonia or destinia send email to me at
thelazt16 6 yr ago x
.if you want to root android 2.2 try using superoneclick or universal androot
please please 6 yr ago x
please guys please i need gold please :_(
please please 6 yr ago x
i cant root my phone :( and cant use proper cheat can you give me agood amount of gold i would send you akisss
thelazt16 6 yr ago x
.to root it try this link
please please 6 yr ago x
any kind guy please :(
Luxferre 6 yr ago x
@please please

i cnd you gold..
Luxferre 6 yr ago x

check your mailbox i sent you dragon slayer +20 i need to buy it to send it to you.. -_-
BroB 6 yr ago x
thanks so much. i can send you gold if you need for buying it for me. 999999 x 3 if needed or more. thank you again! :D
chaos 6 yr ago x
@ anyone would you please send me equipment for a lvl 99 warrior. 9858547031 gold and other items would be appreciated of course but I just looking for help with equipment right now.
NightPrince85rd 6 yr ago x
I will try that, but wouldnt that also erase all my data, such as my games.
@silverDJ69 i have an adroid ver. 2.3.3 STC Sence Ver. 2.1
nightprince85 6 yr ago x
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