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DESTINIA free cash cheats tips/hacks Android/iPhone/iTouch game

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Newbie 6 yr ago x
Please give me some gold :l
Third-Thief ... 9858231962
zane 6 yr ago x
Any ideas on how to find th value for item slots? I can mod quantities but having trouble finding th value/hex for th item itself? Any help appreciated
farco 6 yr ago x
give me ^_^ 9853216757
damn 6 yr ago x
Send me gold,my id is 9858202569
Newbie 6 yr ago x
where can i find celestial gems?? pLease heLp me .. :((
damn 6 yr ago x
Tomato give me gold,9858202569 :)
NeZero 6 yr ago x
Could someone send me coins or gold? :) Id: 9858204241
BWAIR 6 yr ago x
Pls can i have Money and Free items Id is 9858208036
RedMagikChick89 6 yr ago x
sumbody gimme sumthin 9858257460
damn 6 yr ago x
Someone pls give me gold or coin pls,9858202569,pls:)
27G 6 yr ago x
plz giv gold 9858207601
gold 6 yr ago x
Pls give me gold n coin pls,9858208523
LadyStark 6 yr ago x
Send me gold please q.q ID 9858219288
gold 6 yr ago x
Pls give 99x resurrection scroll,3x celestial backpack(L),epic monster egg
gold 6 yr ago x
My id is 9858208523
Bmoney 6 yr ago x
Hey can someone plzzzzzz send ke some gold plzz my ID is 9958211548 plzzzz send me some gold
Bmoney 6 yr ago x
Hey can someone also send me some magic eggs plzzzz my ID is 9958211548
malzahar 6 yr ago x
after all 3 char get lv 99 and full set flawless equipped, what to do next? pvp all the time? bored already...
hanz 6 yr ago x
can anyone send me coin ingame destinia....i really need ID:9858311943
rjkenjii 6 yr ago x
can anyone send me gold/coin/+20 items for my kinda new in still lvl 47.can anyone be kind enough to help me. my id : 9858227619
rjkenji 6 yr ago x
Punkster can you give me +20 legendary items/gold/coins/legendary new to this game still lvl 46 rogue.

this is my ID:9858227619
rjkenji 6 yr ago x
btw,im using Android or the so called TelPad from PLDT :))
gold 6 yr ago x
Send me coins n gold pls,9859208523,pls
azzahra 6 yr ago x
please send me some coins
ID : 9858209112
WickedGamer 6 yr ago x
9858200225, gold/coins/legendary things please :)
TheNoobster 6 yr ago x
Free money/items please? ID is 9858211224
flexi 6 yr ago x
How do i get abyss essence in destonia?
Pls help :)
chinzz 6 yr ago x
please someone send me gold money..
my ID is 9858311222

im waiting.... thx.
zviz 6 yr ago x
tomato i need some gold and eq can you sand me??? my id is 9858205575,and if you want to sand me that pls answer on my emil tnx .....
BLAN7 6 yr ago x
please send me coints and gold or nice items...
my ID:9858208601
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