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My Horse iphone free gems cheats ipod touch game app

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Aimee 12 yr ago x
Great game! I wish you could keep any of the horses you purchase in the paddock and show them all in different shows. We also need more horse games to earn xp and gems!!

tags: my horse, how to get free gems, ipad game, cheats, hacks, tips
savannah 12 yr ago x
I love horses. Hard to earn gems without paying money. It should be easier to earn gems and easier to invite people, because not all friends have this app.
Dora 12 yr ago x
Great virtual horse game. However, most horses cost gems. Anyway to get the gems for free?
abe 12 yr ago x
good game easy way to move up levels is to choose a full day job and go to settings and put date up 1 day
max 12 yr ago x
how do you change the date? My horse hasent chanced age the whole time playing I cannot connect with gamecenter.
Cassie  12 yr ago x
I agree with these comments. We should be able to keep all the horses together and have different profiles for each. And for the gems, we should be able to earn more at a quicker rate rather than buy them in bulk.
taco shnitzel 12 yr ago x
well, you can turn your wifi off after selecting a job, then go to general settings and change the time. so the jobs are done. :D leveling up =more gems :D
Caitlin 12 yr ago x
What happens when you purchase a new horse?? What happens to your old horse?? Can you still see and use it?? I love the app :) I'm just worries if I buy a new horse I'll never see my old one again :)
ikoku 12 yr ago x
yes you can still use your old horse...I bought one can't see both at one time tho....
Jackie 12 yr ago x
Does doing this cheat make the app not work properly? My horse is not getting any energy since doing it.
Watev 12 yr ago x
Wat is the glitch to get more gems
LH9417 12 yr ago x
Hi Cm Punk, I read your comment and I would like to know too if it could be possible to have so much germs easily. I added you in my friend's list and what do we have to do then ?
Thank's for your answer !
Beauty 12 yr ago x
Hi I added you as friend and would like to respectully request the gems too. Please let me know what to do. Thanks.
Cavallopaxxo  12 yr ago x
Hi Cm Punk, I also added you as friend, please let me know what to do to get more gems.. Many thanks
Samantha 12 yr ago x
They there cm punk I have added you to my friend list I hope the gem cheat works thanks
Pandora101 12 yr ago x
Cm punk I've also added you! Let me know what I need to do to get those gems!
Bansheeee 12 yr ago x
I've added u to. Please send me gems
Ponylvr 12 yr ago x
Hi cm punk I added u to my friends list. I am Tamollylover if anyone wants to add me I need more friends
Sara 12 yr ago x
Cm punk can you Plz send me some too my name is Saraxx
QBdeluxe 12 yr ago x
Hi CM Punk,

I've added you as my friend in My Horse. Can you please make me a happy girl?? Please add me to give me more gems and join the stable
Grtz Lianne
NLDeluxe 12 yr ago x
Hi Cm Punk, please add me to...
My horse's name is king
Claudette 12 yr ago x
Hi Cm Punk,

I just added you, my horses name is Charlie.

Thank you so much!
bugz bunni 12 yr ago x
hi Cm Punk,

I just added you as a friend, will you as well, make me a very happy girl? I need more gems, esp with the new update that raised the prices of everything!
Blue 12 yr ago x
Claudette 4 hr ago
Hi Cm Punk,

I just added you, my horses name is Salinger.

haleigh 12 yr ago x
Hi Cm Punk, i added you as well.. can you please send me gems also, thanks
chaaz 12 yr ago x
Cm Punk, I've added you. How do I get the gems?
John Randon 12 yr ago x
Hello everyone, if you would like 800 gems right off the bat add me, RattyYucca62. My brother helped develop this game, (he works for NaturalMotion).

I would love to help anyone with a gem shortage. Add me, I may not be able to help all of you
John Randon 12 yr ago x

RattyYucca62 is the account I use to get the gems, so don't be alarmed by my low level
Allyant 12 yr ago x
Ratty I added you can you send me those gems
Claudette 12 yr ago x

I just added RattyYucca62 and SimpleMe. Please may I share in your wonderful discoveries! Thank you!
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