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Claudette 7 yr ago x
Silly me, I forgot to add my name. It is Claudette De Laertes, and my horses name is Charlie.

Thank you!
machineballz 7 yr ago x
Hey RattyYucca62- just added you as a friend!
Ponylover 7 yr ago x
I thank the people who added me to there friends and I need more gems if anyone would help Thanx. My name on here is Tamollylover if anyone wants to add me ;)
JadziaW 7 yr ago x
Hi RattyYucca62.. I added you as a friend in the hopes u can help me with my gem shortage. thanks to all who add me as friend.It helps to go in and groom others horses & clean their paddocks to gain xp
old grub 7 yr ago x
thank u so much RattyYucca62 for all thos gems! i hope i can repay u
Horse Love  7 yr ago x
jonny  7 yr ago x
i jus got the gems ratyyyucca, thak u so much
bansheeee 7 yr ago x
Rattyucca, can i please have some gems ive added you my name is bansheeee and my current horse is issabella. Pretty please = )
John Randon 7 yr ago x
Hello everyone, RattyYucca62 here, so NaturalMotion, (the creators of My Horse), just patched the gem hack I was using. I'll be able to re-hack it, but I may not have gems for everyone right away. My brother and I are in a nasty fight right now so I can't rely on his co-developer inside secrets.

I'll probably be up and running in a couple days or so.
bella me 7 yr ago x
bella me 7 yr ago x
ratty yucca i need the gems? i am SimplyMe and my horses name is Saphira
JadziaW 7 yr ago x
awww man RattyYucca62!! just my luck! Sory to hear they patched yur hack! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll be running again in a few days.I'd love your gem offer! Guess i will keep working at it the hard way & hope for the best.
Clare Reilly  7 yr ago x
I need neighbours pls if anyone can help me! Add me moltenRhyme60
JadziaW 7 yr ago x
i added you moltenRhyme60
Coolbreeze 7 yr ago x
Hi RattyYucca62 I just added you, my nick name is coolbreeze and my horse is Koda please include me in your awesomeness! please and thank you!!! :)
Cavallopaxxo  7 yr ago x
Hi Rattyyucca62 I also added you as friend hoping that you can help me with the gems. My nickname is Cavallopaxxo, horse name is Vasco. Thanks in advance
lopeqtrhrs 7 yr ago x
i need gems please! i added you!
Ponyquibbler  7 yr ago x
Hi rattyyucca62 I just friended you can u please send me gems my name in the game is Ponyquibbler please please please send me gems
heartlandlover 7 yr ago x
hey can anyone send me gems i cant but any so if you know how to get free gems or anything could yoou send me some? My nickname is togetherforeverr
heartlandlover 7 yr ago x
i ment to say buy srry
LaraLuna 7 yr ago x
RattyYucca please sens me gems
LaraLuna 7 yr ago x
o sorry, my name is LaraLuna and my horses name is Huyana x many many tanx
heartlandlover 7 yr ago x
hey rattyyucca62 and Cm Punk can you please send me some gems? my nickname is togetherforeverr
nholy 7 yr ago x
hi Cm Punk,

I just added you, my horses name is rux can you please send me gems also, thanks
LaraLuna 7 yr ago x
hi cm punk, please send me gems (name: LaraLuna, horse: Huyana xx
darkclan 7 yr ago x
uuuuw!!! haha Cm punk i added you so can you put my horses together? i like them both lol, and if it idnt too much to ask can u give me gems? thaaaaankkkk u!!!! aaahhh!!! haha.
- darkclan
darkclan 7 yr ago x
does anyone know how to send messages on my horse? sorry im kinda obsessed. thank you.
HeHe 7 yr ago x
Hey, ratty sorry I'm late I've added you please send me those gems now
Eternal 7 yr ago x
Ratty Yucca62, I added you. Nickname is Stardust, Horse is Comet. Hope you get the hack figured out, best of luck! :)
Eternal 7 yr ago x
Sorry nickname is RainingGlitter, changed it :)
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