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CuoreDelLupo 5 yr ago x
It's under the name on here. it's in latin
eventingqueen 5 yr ago x
Rainycloud that doesn't work I've tried :( and Becky sadly no :(
Kolobova 5 yr ago x
Hello, if someone can send me a friends request ( Kolobova ) it s nice.
Love me 5 yr ago x
Hi rattyyucca62 I just added you please send me some gem (thank you
Horses4Life 5 yr ago x
Hi Cm Punk and RattyYucca62, I just added you. My horse is called Misty
Peigi 4 yr ago x
whoever has lots of gems plz add me because for me the gem glitch wont work. My account i play on is peigilovesponies and my new account is peigi. Please send gifts to peigilovesponies. Thanks & much appreciated!😜💶
Hoss 4 yr ago x
Can someone send me gems please
Hoss 4 yr ago x
Can someone please send me some gems
Impossible000  4 yr ago x
Payed for gems can't get them need gems
lilykitk 4 yr ago x
Hey... So I kinda need 384 gems any help would be apperecated the guys..
lilykitk 4 yr ago x
Oh lol my user is lilykitk my horse is cloud! XD forgot dat
charlie 4 yr ago x
how do you get free gems?
Pobor 4 yr ago x
Hai, this is 3yrs old as u.can see I was just wondering if what tony was saying still applies? My name is Pobor in game and I was just wondering because I wanna buy the black and white unicorns to symbolise my dead horses (I know it's weird but yeah) I don't want to loose my progress
elliedys 3 yr ago x
KittyLovesCatnip  3 yr ago x
HORSE-DukeOfWar (Or Sometimes)
KittyLovesCatnip  3 yr ago x
I Need 400 Gems Reeeallly Bad Please RattyYucca62 My NN Is KittyLovesCatnip And My Horses Name Is Comet Please I Can't Wait 400 Levels!
KittyLovesCatnip  3 yr ago x
Sorry First Had Typo
KittyLovesCatnip  3 yr ago x
Switched Horses Lol
KittyLovesCatnip  3 yr ago x
But I Really Want The Black Horse And Chrissy Tack Set Which All Together Is Around 500 But You Don't Have To Do ALL The Work
KittyLovesCatnip  3 yr ago x
Heh Sorry But I Will Do ANYTHING Im Just So Tired Of Waiting And Extremely Happy To Have Found This Site And I'm Still Here (Bothering You I'm An Awful Person) Because I'm Dying For 400 Gems
KittyLovesCatnip  3 yr ago x
I Sent A Friend Request
KittyLovesCatnip  3 yr ago x
Please I Need To Have This So I Can Beat This Months Championships And Get The Horse Prize!!!!!!!!!!
Katiejoy 3 yr ago x
I need 40,0000 Coins please I really want the Colonial Pasture! My user Is KatMachine and my horse Is Snowlily also If possible I want to have 400 Gems because my friend passed away and I want A White Unicorn to remember her by. Thanks a billion, KatMachine
Amz 3 yr ago x
Hi all, I am a new player and have tried changing date on my iPad however my care tasks do not complete, please help, I don't know why it's working for others and not me??
Kat 3 yr ago x
Hey there rattyyucca62 I'm Catherinekile and my horse is Comet I need 55,0000 coins and 700 gems stat could you help me please? I'm trying to get two unicorns and a saddle with colonial stable as a memorial for my friend io who died two days ago.....
Evalain McDuffie  3 yr ago x
How do u get the gems???
Breezee 3 yr ago x
Can anyone give me lots of coins and gems pls THANK YOU!
Breezee 3 yr ago x
Can anyone give me lots of coins and gems pls THANK YOU!
Breezee 3 yr ago x
Can anyone give me lots of coins and gems pls THANK YOU!
Breezee 3 yr ago x
Can anyone give me lots of coins and gems pls THANK YOU!
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