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Darknevil 8 yr ago x
RattyYucca62 I added you, can you please send me Gems my nickname is DarknEvil and my horse's name is Martinez . I hope that your fight with your brother is over by now, and that you've some Gems left for me...
Thank you.
PigSnots 8 yr ago x
My horse is Thumbalina and I'm PigSnots. Any help in the gem area once you figure it all out will be greatly appreciated.
daredevil 8 yr ago x
hey rattyyucca62 i added you i hope wyou can get the gems well my nickname is togetherforeverr and my horses name is Harley i hope that the fight is over and i just started so i dont know how to send mesages on there so if anyone can explain to me how to that would be great. Thanks!
WeirdFace101 8 yr ago x
Hey Cm Punk could you please send me some gems if you got the time my nickname is togetherforeverr and my horses name is Harley. I dont really know how to send mesages so if anyone can help me with this that would be great but if you are seeing this right now Cm Punk i hope you can get the gems thank you so much
darkclan 8 yr ago x
heyy RattyYucca62 i added you so in hope the hack works! thanks! i like ur horse btw
Dragonmaid 8 yr ago x
Rattuyucca62 Plz send me gems

By the way my name is dragonmaid and my horse is midnightstar

Cm punk, my user is dragonmaid and my horse is midnightstar Plz send me gems
Pindapanda 8 yr ago x
Hi rattyyucca62. Pindapanda, horse chico. Please please can I get gems!!! Thank
Jjeewweellzz 8 yr ago x
Hello I'm Jewelz I friended both cmpunk and ratty can you help with the gems
Jjeewweellzz 8 yr ago x
Forgot to tell you my nickname and my horses name my name is Jjeewweellzz and my horse is Spartan
calamari888 8 yr ago x
i dont think that cmpunk or rattyyuca can help out anyone. me thinks their gem hacks are just talk. peeps...... do it the honest way & buy them or work for them.
if they were actually able to help anyone then there would be dozens of thnk yous posted in here & dont see any legit ones.
in my oppinion.
Joe 8 yr ago x
OMG WTF?1?! I addid these guys for the free gems AND THEY DELETED MY ACOUNT AND TOOK ALL MY GEMS. Do not add them or they will do the same 2 u. I hav reported them 2 natural motion and their acounts are goin to be banned and naturalmosion r taking LEGAL ACTION aganst them! DO NOT BELEVE THEIR LIES!!!!!!11

Mircea 8 yr ago x
Hi! How can I get more gems? Added those 2 guys, before I read the last post. Now my horse īs tired and can't do anything
Eternal 8 yr ago x
Cm punk is the one that did that Mircea, that's what happend to me, I added them before RattyYucca even posted. I dont think RattyYucca did anything. Just my opinion though I could be wrong.
Eternal 8 yr ago x
Sry not Mircea, Joe.
calamari888 8 yr ago x
i had a sneaky suspicion about cmpnk & rattyucca ... so if any of u added them as friends and u get bad luck or your gems disappear or your account gets deleted then i guess u only have yourself to blame for being greedy and not playing legitimately.
reporting them to Naturalmotion was a smart move Joe.
anyone still have them in your friends list or are they deleted?
Lacey 8 yr ago x
Hey mc punk I added u so pleez giv me those gems
Horsemad33 8 yr ago x
Hi there
I added you as a friend my name is cooldoodrox this game is awesome really need some gems to buy a cool as horse and some better equipment!!!please send me some gems I am also Cm punk(Bwoy) s friend need some gems !!
Thanks guys!!!
C ya!
Okwencu 8 yr ago x
Hey cm punk I just added u my name is lovevengance can u please send me those gemssss!!
Beckyhorsehorse 8 yr ago x
How do i message u cm please tell me 8 yr ago x
I need more xp more gems and more coins and energy for my horse games on ipad2
Linzy 8 yr ago x
Wow lol. Great way to grow your friends list by promising gems. Don't fall for it guys.
cowabungao 8 yr ago x
how do u delete ur friends? on my horse i mean
Mikeymike29 8 yr ago x
I added cm and ratty please helpe send gems and put all my horses in one stable much love and thanks!
Arrow 8 yr ago x
What is a good way to get gems for free?
Arrow  8 yr ago x
How do you get gems for free
Astoria 8 yr ago x
I love my horse. It's just so hard to get gems and money.
Dani 8 yr ago x
Jackie, same here. After "cheating" with dates no energy for days now and nothing's seems to work to get it back? Did yours gain it again somehow? Help anyone?
Dani 8 yr ago x
I just read about those two, ha!i knew it when i saw it for the 1 time! I didn't add them but i did the thing with the date change and my horse won't get energy back for days, so that's my problem...
Liv 8 yr ago x
Hey rattyYucca62 I added you please send gems when you rehack!
Liv 8 yr ago x
Oopsy forgot to say. My nickname is punksalvo and my horses name is moonstruck
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