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HorsesRule 8 yr ago x
Everybody who is reading this comment, don't fall for their free gem offers
Trust me!
HorsesRule 8 yr ago x
Hey! After I added these two guys, all of a sudden the game started glitching. I had to turn my device off and turn it back on again to fix the glitch.
I have a sneaking suspicion that they were responsible for that.
Ratty yucca62 8 yr ago x
I added you as a friend, can you please send me and my horse buddy some gems :) thank you
You Idiots 8 yr ago x
You guys are so stupid theyre not gonna give you free gems!!
Auds104 8 yr ago x
Hey Cm Punk. I added you a a friend and I would also like some more gems too. My user name is AudreyDSinclair
Jasuri 8 yr ago x
Cheats is just Something for you can win
Jed 8 yr ago x
Hi cm punk I sent a friend request to you because I really need gems!! Thanks!!
Jsd 8 yr ago x
Please accept my friend request! P.s. my name was suppose to say jsd. This was to bwoy(cm punk)
Jsd 8 yr ago x
Hey cm punk I just added you so please accept me. my user name is jsdwhite. Please accept me quickly. Thanks.
Ellie 8 yr ago x
I added both of you :)
If anyone wants to add me fluffykkittyccat
Scooplover 8 yr ago x
Hey ratty I added you my horses name is marley I'd really appreciate the gems!
Rayy 8 yr ago x
RattyYucca62 can u send me gems is Rayy
Ashmarlan 8 yr ago x
How do I get free gems?
Emma 8 yr ago x
How do you get more gems on My Horse?? Also I have a horse of my own and i think they should update it, so you can let your horse go on a hack, pick the hooves out and other things to make it more realistic.
Emma 8 yr ago x
Add me on My Horse: maybelenaboy
Claudiaseven 8 yr ago x
Hi cm punk
Ive added you how do i get the gems
rodeoqueenfanci 8 yr ago x
How do you keep both your horses in the same paddock?
snoopy the beagle 8 yr ago x
add me please Ratty & Cm :). My nickname is NavajoNationGirl
Holly 8 yr ago x
How do you send gems to other people? thank you in advance

My nickname is Hollyrogs
Hannahly 8 yr ago x
Cp Punk added you please send me gems? And RattyYucca62 can you send me gems too please? (I'm greedy)
Hannah 7 yr ago x
Anyone who knows how to sell horses? Got one I want to sell:)
Coleycolelovesshay 7 yr ago x
Hiya cm punk could u please send me those gems please because I hav no lol and could someone add me please I am called Nicoleandshay thank u xx
Spacey 7 yr ago x
Ive added u too cm punk. Culd i please have some gems too? :) thank u!!
horseeeyx 7 yr ago x
RattyYucca62, I would love to have 800 free gems. I have added you, my name is horseeeyx
Thank you so much, I am slowly building up on gems as I progress through the levels but I'll never have enough for the horse I want. I would be so grateful! :D
horseeeyx 7 yr ago x
I've also added you, Cm Punk. Like I said, I'd be so grateful for those gems! :)
HaleyBale 7 yr ago x
Hi there. I am HaleyBale and I am not good at saving up money. I don't really know if there are glitches on getting any gems or anything because I really want a new horse. If you can help then that would be greatly appreciated.

i would like to 7 yr ago x
I would like more gems to, i have added you, my nick is sparkyrj, and my horse is desteny, thanks :)
Rainycloud 7 yr ago x
John Randon,

I cant find rattyyucca62...
Rainycloud 7 yr ago x
I can't find RattyYucca62 of Bwoy ...
Please add me, I'm Rainycloud
I would be so happy with more gems!
alucard 7 yr ago x
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