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DragonVale iphone free gems cheats ipod touch dragons app game

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Sadie 10 yr ago x
Game is ok. Friends can give you gems through game center. But you are only allowed to give 3 people gems per day.

tags: dragonvale, free gems, cash, food, cheats, ipad, rainbow dragon, how to add friends
arthur 10 yr ago x
I am on level 17 trying to breed for the rainbow dragon. I have all of the dragons except for the rainbow dragon. The gem system is annoying!
Josie 10 yr ago x
Game center is a requirement for this app. It just crashes. I just deleted the game.
cliff 10 yr ago x
Addicting game but I wish you did not have to buy gems. They are really hard to get. Maybe you should make it so you can buy gems with coins. Still trying to get the rainbow egg.
Gpg5 10 yr ago x
GIVE ME FREE GEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nikki 131 10 yr ago x
It's really addictive but it is so annoying how you can't get gems with the money that you got on the actuall game.
Djw 10 yr ago x
Please give me advice or cheats help needed
Blabla 10 yr ago x
1000000 gems
helai 10 yr ago x
how do u get more gems off cydia??
Joe 101 10 yr ago x
I know how to breed a rainbow dragon just breed a lava dragon with a seaweed dragon both at level 10
Josh 10 yr ago x
How i add friends in game center?
Sir Caren 10 yr ago x
Use iap cracker via cydia
Niknik 10 yr ago x
To get the rainbow dragon w/o buying gems or using them, breed the blazing dragon and the ice dragon. :)
Jerseyboss12 10 yr ago x
I'm new at this game nd I need some add me???my game center nickname is jerseyboss12
Teamdamon95 10 yr ago x
Add me teamdamon95 :)
Duncan needs help 10 yr ago x
Help me! And jerseyboss12, are you on Facebook or email nbecouse I don't have any friend requests
D monation 10 yr ago x
The Duncan needs help! Guy was me I just didn't know what to put and my user name is my gamecenter aswell. Happy gaming.
D monation 10 yr ago x
Guys? Are you there? Pleas answer me!
Rizze 10 yr ago x
Add me pls. I need friends. Jona923 in game center. Tnx
pulabacha 10 yr ago x
how do you get gems for free and how do you add friends
Kermzz 10 yr ago x
Hey add me i need friends kermzz on game center
bjle.mtlc 10 yr ago x
please add me up im new here bjle.mtlc thanks in advance
Dkb 10 yr ago x
I hear that if you buy the collosum ( don't know how to spell) u can win gems (I don't know if it is true)
isaac 10 yr ago x
i want a battel
raiyne 10 yr ago x
If anyone is looking for free gems, i'm more than willing to gift them. The only thing i ask is that you gift them to me also :) you can add me if interested, my game center username is: Raiyne666.
rasmason1 10 yr ago x
raiynee add me!!!!!!!! my username is rasmason1 and i need gems
raiyne 10 yr ago x
rasmason, i sent you a request and will send you a gem when i have more gifts available to me (hopefully later tonight). please send me one in return :)
D monation 10 yr ago x
Where have I been? Hey jerseyboss, can you add me as a friend? My nickname is my username so every body out there please friend me!
lovingjesus21 10 yr ago x
add me saulpinargo
ZR14111999 10 yr ago x
i need gems please add me my user name is ma nick name
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