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Tiny Zoo Friends free iphone cheats bucks ipod/ipad game app

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Sheryl 12 yr ago x
It's a lot like Tiny Zoo. Also the prices for the expansion and animals are too high! Other than that cute game and fun to buy animals.

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marci 12 yr ago x
This app really pushes you to buy the bucks. I almost accidently did! Your credit card can easily be charged with this game. Be careful with this game!
Tessa 12 yr ago x
How original... collect animals and create the biggest zoo ever...
sheila 12 yr ago x
It cost real money to get some of the animals and its really hard to earn credits/bucks. It is hard to get 13 zoo bucks for the spinosaurus. You easily run out of space and expansions are expensive :(
RedArmy❷ 12 yr ago x
Add me RedArmy2 thanks, I didn't spend real money I did the Paros hack I'm at level 40!!! I got 823.209.794.498 coins and 50.000 zoo bucks!!!
sportgator 12 yr ago x
hey redarmy
ALL BLACK 12 yr ago x
Hey red army what was the cheat :)
Ste 12 yr ago x
Hi red army what was the cheat

lynda 12 yr ago x
how do i get a yak in my zoo
Jok3r 12 yr ago x
Hi red army
RedArmy❷ 12 yr ago x
Hi Jok3r,Ste the cheat was the Paros cheat but it dose not work any more, But I am making a cheat and will let you all now how to do it but I'm still working on it. Hope this helps.
RedArmy❷ 12 yr ago x
Sorry but I'm not commenting on here anymore but I am on the tiny zoo free iPhone cheats ipod/iPad game app, NOT TINY ZOO FRIENDS jest TINY ZOO!!
Tash 12 yr ago x
Paros cheat wont work for me!
Engineer 12 yr ago x
Hallo friends new cheat code is paroo enjoy it in tiny I'd and get free bucks
Junkiemann 12 yr ago x
Hay where do u find the cheats???? Add me int tiny zoo friends!!! Junkiemann
awsome1 12 yr ago x
red army can i add you
MTZ98100 12 yr ago x
if you recruit me I will send you an exclusive cheat that gives you a fortune of zoo bucks and coins, my tiny ID is Adanbarragn hurry up because after 30 people recriut me I'll stop this cheat givaway
mattdrab 12 yr ago x
how do u do the paros hack?
i cant get it to install on my computer
MTZ98100 12 yr ago x
If you recruit me I'll send you an exclusive cheat that gives you a fortune of zoo bucks AND coins,my tiny ID is adanbarragan, I'm no jerk I will send you the cheat, I'll stop sending cheats to people after a certain amount of time so what are you waiting for recruit me and get a fortune of zoo bucks and coins.
Everyday I'm shufflin 12 yr ago x
I'm level 46 with 227 different species with 227 families completed and if u r wondering yes I do have the rescue puppy it wasn't that hard to buy 29 zoo bucks to breed it well I did instant finish on it though
Bochman373773 12 yr ago x
I'm on level 77 I have all animals and all animals have completed families with all decorations all shops I need to expand again to fit more animals as they come
!#@#^%%%@!@%&(%$#@$ 12 yr ago x
hey bocman373773 whats your tiny id
Cleajax 12 yr ago x
Go to friends
Then profile
Then add recruiter and type in Cleajax and you will instantly get 10 free bucks
Kriskrengel1 12 yr ago x
Looking for recruits!!! colink1234
We both earn extra tiny zoo bucks each level to level 10 (or possibly to level 20). Plus you get 10 FREE TINY ZOO BUCKS instantly.

Go to friends
Then profile
Then add recruiter and type in ColinK1234 and you will instantly get 10 free bucks.
RayRayFrito 12 yr ago x
I need zoo bucks! Please help!
Supergirl 11 yr ago x
If you guys want 10 absolutely free zoo buck then go on friends and then go on profile and on the bottom left hand corner it says recruits type in supershinyh
Abbey 11 yr ago x
Can you. Help me get 10000 zoo bucks please I am really poor really I am not lying and my tiny ID is Abbeycut
Anpsoccer21 10 yr ago x
Go to profile then hit enter recruiters tinyid and enter anpsoccer21 and you can recive ten free zoo bucks!
DenverZoo231 8 yr ago x
Hi everyone if u want ten free and easy zoo bucks on Tiny Zoo add me as ur recruiter and u will get ten free and easy zoo bucks my Tiny ID is DenverZoo231
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