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FIFA SOCCER 12 iphone cheats hacks manager mode controls multiplayer fix crashes

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JaY 13 yr ago x
Best Soccer app on the iPhone. The controls are better. Can't wait for update for online multiplayer. The Manager feature is great!

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Kyler 13 yr ago x
The game crashes sometimes. Please fix this. I love the manager mode. Correct rosters and everything. Play it on my iPod! Any cheats for FIFA 12?
hunter 13 yr ago x
The controls are much smoother. Also the settings like ball, weather, stadium are quicker to change. Must have game for soccer fans.
Danny 13 yr ago x
Amazing single player game for iOS. Detailed teams, players and spot on commentary. I love the manager mode, how you shoot and the free kicks. But lacks multiplayer!
Kelvin 13 yr ago x
How to change the player's number for the manager mode. My new bought pique has number 9 and I don't quite think it looks alright. :p pls reply ASAP thanks :)
Dan 13 yr ago x
Kelvin: Why's your new player no. 9? D:
Conversely I need help to stop my new players from getting number 2!
brunal 13 yr ago x
it crashes at a certain point in the manager mode... please tell me how can i continue my season !!
Max 13 yr ago x
Same problem - it crashes -_-
DannyBoy 13 yr ago x
Ditto on the numbers and crashing!!! Got to my second season, 3 matches in, complete the 3 rd match and that's it, close down the app- please help someone!
Cutchh 12 yr ago x
When you got Ifile (jailbroken) goto var/mobile/applications/fifa12/ini/na press career then search ticket_price make THE second 600.5 end THE Third 9000.5 for 54million money at home game
Bbakidboso 12 yr ago x
If you do what Cutchh said, youll only get 3 mil a game. You have to make the first one 300.5 too. Then if u upgrade it stadium, u can set them to 300.5 6000.5 and 90000.5. I upgraded the stadium all the way, now i get 500,000,000 every game
Cutchh 12 yr ago x
got problem when i start manager mode i click play match it crashes already please help reinstalld it couple Times now (installous)
Fuuuuuuuutbol! 12 yr ago x
My season crashes after 1 year and I resign with the same club!!! Anyone with the same problem???
Apple talk a good game but dnt deliver 12 yr ago x
Keeps crashing don't buy sort it out
Midou 12 yr ago x
It crash not bc of the game, it s bc of the iPhone or iPad, close down all the application and go to setting on your iPad or phone and turn off the auto setting to close application in 10 min, u should be good to go
messi 12 yr ago x
how do u force barca and madrid to sell messi and ronaldo? can never seem to buy them using arsenal. it always says ''there and not enough players on madrid/barca'' i notice i get that msg only when buying messi and ronaldo. buying fabregas and ramos is no problem
JackWilshere 12 yr ago x
I was BvB and tried to buy Wilshere. I had'nt bought anyone, but I got this message: "Arsenal think you are trying to hog all the talent"!
Chad 12 yr ago x
If your game crashes at halftime then exit the app and enter back to manager mode and press simulate. The game will simulate and the next match will be fine.
jon 12 yr ago x
How to change the commentary language for fifa 12 for ipod touch?
Cutchh 12 yr ago x
if it crashes you must add the iprohacker source ( typ in google iprohackersource cydia you will find it) install ios 5 b3 reboot ipod then the game shuold work i am in my 4 th season :)
q 12 yr ago x
Fifa 12 keeps crashing kn my ipad...
How can i fix this ??
To stocks 12 yr ago x
How do you change weather
lol 12 yr ago x
yeah.impossible to buy messi or ronaldo.any help?or hacks?
lol 12 yr ago x fifa 12 it is impossible to buy messi or ronaldo.they always say "fc barcelona does not have enough players etc"is there a way to let us buy any players we want via ifile?oh ya,if u access the ai.ini in "na" there is something called "absolutely perfect goalies=0"what's that?
Basically there are three things i want to hack...
1. buy any players i want
2. let my shot always be on target but not confirm goal(dont make the opponent goalie suck or anything)
3. let my goalkeeper to be super pro.
hope u can hack it for me thx. XD
Cutchh 12 yr ago x
he got new cheats plus tip

cheat : in cydia add
install iappcracker open fifa 12 buy a player but press add
pick 250 million (says 19.99 )
click it you dont have to buy it its free now because of iappcracker you got a lot of money

tip be on ios5.01 it should work without crashing
Cutcch 12 yr ago x
he i got tip fore lol
go to this link

he acsplains efrything ps i dit not make this mod just share it with ya
JP99100 12 yr ago x
My fifa keeps crashing after seasone 7! Please make an update EA!!!
Mattiger 12 yr ago x
So I take it there is no changing the shirt numbers?
Forgot to renew Kalou and Lukaku so I bought them as free agents, but they swapped shirts, Lukaku is 21 and Kalou is 18, please help!! it kind of bugs me alot! (add it in an update or something please!!)
Ajacied 12 yr ago x
I have the crashing problem as well. Sometimes it crashes up to 20 times in a row, but sometimes I've managed to fix it by holding all my fingers on the screen when it loads the post-match screens. Give it a try, he it works for you guys!
Evisa 12 yr ago x
In manager mode my default bid on any transfer is half the market value of the player, and only half the value of the player's current wages. I can't change the amount offered in terms of fee or wages, and upgrading negotiator to 10 doesn't make a difference.
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