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FIFA SOCCER 12 iphone cheats hacks manager mode controls multiplayer fix crashes

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Canvas 6 yr ago x
Okay so I have found the ticket_prices thing in iFile but how do I edit this to say a different number?
Cobra75007 6 yr ago x
@Canvas just tap ai.ini and select text viewer. then you can tap EDIT in the top left corner, make your change and save.

and then you're rich.
Cobra75007 6 yr ago x
Another fun cheat is to update the REFCALL_NO_FOUL = of the ai.ini file. Changing from 0 to 1 will make it where no foul calls will be made for either team. Go for the knee!!!!
Velvet 6 yr ago x
Hw do u find d ifile? Where us it located?
cobra75007 6 yr ago x
Ur pad must be jailbroken. Then go to Cydia and download free iFile
Canvas 6 yr ago x
For the edit thing, I only had to re-download iFile for it to appear, but now I have a problem in that it crashes after a cup game with Scunthorpe.. Simulated and played it a number of times, is there anything you can re-write to affect the recall time before it shuts?
Cobra75007 6 yr ago x
@canvas. Not that I know of. If you reinstall Fifa 12 it may help... It will rewrite the correct file and you will be able to save ur manager history.

I'm having the same problem. I gave up trying to fix it. I hate FIFA for a $10 buggy app
hacks 6 yr ago x
@cobra75007- anyway to get any team to let you sign their star players? basically being able to sign any player you want..any idea? thnx
ummm 6 yr ago x
how do i reduce total wages to at least $120,000? liek where do i go to do it?? please help
PS: im new at this :)
Canvas 6 yr ago x
@umm go to iFile>04D2C6DF...>FIFA12>Ini>Na then look through some of those in the text reader until you find something that will say something to do with wages then touch edit and change it according to how you want to
ummm 6 yr ago x
okay cool thats good but its on my ipod touch?? :/ :( any ideas for that?
Canvas 6 yr ago x
@ummm Is your iPod touch jailbroken?
ummm 6 yr ago x
@Canvas no my ipod isnt jailbroken
Canvas 6 yr ago x
@ummm This is where you fail. You need your iPod to be jailbroken.
Mav 6 yr ago x
it crashes when i finish a match and its telling me how much money i lost and earned
gnome 6 yr ago x
How do you jailbreak an Ipod
cobra75007 6 yr ago x
@gnome. Download Absinthe. Google it. It's super easy.
cobra75007 6 yr ago x
@Mav, that could just be a bug in the program. Try to complete that game via "simulation". You may win or lose, but it will get you past that game. The next game shold be fine.
cobra75007 6 yr ago x
Did anyone figure out how to change the number of subs you can have in a game? You are only allowed to have 3, and I would like 6 or more.
Smart one  6 yr ago x
If you have iOS 3-4.1.
Go to.
jacobb334 6 yr ago x
i downloaded i file but whenever i try to search it says you need to register for this feature what should i do
Fuuuuuu 6 yr ago x
What is the source for iprohacker on cydia so ur iPod doesn't crash
Fuuuuuu 6 yr ago x
Can anyone please answer it is urgent please
b_b97 6 yr ago x
same about the numbers, my players are also really out dated
Handbag  6 yr ago x
Hey when iwant to change the offer for any player the game stuck
Prob 4 yr ago x
Hey .. I tottaly missed up all the ini files ( ai.ini ,, common.ini) .. & i want the values back to default .. So can anyone give the true results .. Or put the files in a link so that i can download them :/
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