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My Country: build your dream city iphone cheats free countrybucks game dollars

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ricky 11 yr ago x
Good concept, but you have to buy money and the only way to advance is if you have money. Download this game if you like tycoon games!

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Jerry 11 yr ago x
Cool game, you do not have to use the in app purchases to enjoy the game.

Philippe 11 yr ago x
I love how Mary is there to help! Very fun overall but time consuming. Any cheats for this app?
nana 11 yr ago x
How do i get country bucks and money for free please help me
mj 11 yr ago x
Once you've purchased all the land you can buy with your earned $, you are pretty much stuck and you need to use real $ to move forward. Kinda sucks cause you work hard on building only to be blackmailed halfway through. My $ is now on the $400M mark and theres nothing to do. Even update 31 & 32 didnt help either.
jess 11 yr ago x
I need free country bucks or a cheat to help me get more money. Anyone know of a new one.
Jons 11 yr ago x
Try this if you are out om money leve the game and dont play it for 5-6 days then when you start the game it will say that you haven't playd it on à week and they will give you 20000 countybugs and stomme xp
Zelly 11 yr ago x
If ur phone has cydia( jailbroken) download iap cracker and you can get all the money for free ive done it already
Sis 10 yr ago x
Iap cracker didnt work Plz help
mark  10 yr ago x
How to get free country bucks
Cat 10 yr ago x
I'm stuck too. I have over a billion and can't expand anymore unless I spend $
chit city-- 10 yr ago x
my phone is jailbroken im using. gameplayer. and i successfully cheat the game so i have over 900mil (thats the max money before i become negative) then for the buck. i cant do anything about for some gay ass reason but.. i hack the items i.e card for drivers, axe for fireman etc. so instead of buying a taxi driver or a nurse or a doctor etc, using buck. i ended up having them for free. plus i maximize my level to 100. and there you go. anyone needs help about this free to message me and also so you guys no it works to a lot of games. im just bored playing by my self.
chit city-- 10 yr ago x
ahmmppp i didnt use period at my comment above. so please bear with me. i get so exited in matters like this. i have tendency to just type random words or what not. but if you guys need tutorial for that feel free to message me.
Corvinus 10 yr ago x
Hi chit city hwo do u edit the amount of items?
Naser  9 yr ago x
if u want to earn money for free in 1 to 5 minutes you have to change the time
ex: if ur time is 1:00 change it to 1:59 dont change am to pm or pm to am and you must play it offline I mean you should turn off 3G and cellular data usage.
jenny 8 yr ago x
Does it work
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