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Dream Park iphone cheats free tickets ipod touch game app

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Emma 12 yr ago x
This game is a lot like Smurfs Village. I've built up my park in a matter of hours. Could you make the wait for Skeeball a little shorter? Also we need more rides!

tags: dream park, ipad, ipod touch cheats, earn tickets, free tips, build rides, add friends, money
rebecca 12 yr ago x
I wish there was a lot more rides and items and I didn't need friends to build certain rides. Additional tickets cost too much money. Also crashes too often on my ipod. Please fix!

gracE 12 yr ago x
I wish there were a way to earn tickets though, like you earn coins. It takes so long to build rides! How can I add friends or neighbours? How can I get more free tickets any cheats?
cazzart 12 yr ago x
good game but wish there was a way to let neighbours know you have helped build there rides so they can return the favour- I've helped out all my nieghbours and still no one has helped me :-(
gracE: you can add friends via games center or FB
anyone add me if you wish - game center ID
j 12 yr ago x
how can i add a friend? the facebook button doesnt work
Alg 12 yr ago x
Add me: Zomicus
Vally 12 yr ago x
add me guys! my game center ID is:
Vally 12 yr ago x
ok for some reason it doesnt want to diplay my hears i made with the keyboard so its heartVallyheart
emielle 12 yr ago x
change the time on your ipod.
RH 12 yr ago x
how can I change the theme park? anyone can help?

My friend can easily built the rides which need friend's help on Ipad, but mine always failed on ITouch, is it becoz of the device?
Steve GT 12 yr ago x
How do i change theme on Dream park. iv just unlocked new area and a suggestion box task is to change them theme i cant work out how to do it

Heeeeeeelp!!!! :D
Rei 12 yr ago x
can add me in game centre? let's help one another! :D
id: " REIREI (: "
Imzhzhzh 12 yr ago x
Friendss, add me too
Id: imzhzhzh
Cmkrox11 12 yr ago x
please add as friend on dream park game centre id: Cmkrox11
STARLZL 12 yr ago x
plz add me on game centre STARLZL need tics to upgrade some rides.Thanks
Cy 12 yr ago x
I'm stuck at this task.
It say put down 3 segments of paved path. I tried all types of way but I can't complete to task. Can anyone help? Please! Thank you! :)
dully 12 yr ago x
plz add me and help me building my rides
my ID# DullyMoon
Nc 12 yr ago x
CY, i couldn't finish that task too! It'e driving me up the wall -.-
Futomaki79 12 yr ago x
Hey I'm trying to change theme too. Wanna get the rocket theme rides. I am trying to accrue for 50000 coins to get the fireball mountain. Mayb that will work as is the dinosaur theme. I'm gonna add some of u guys. Hope that can help us out! My id: futomaki79. Add me too if u want. Thx!
Hessie1983 12 yr ago x
Gamcenter: hessie1983
Ivy 12 yr ago x
Same here, Please help! I can't go through the task of put down three segments of paved pathway!
Add me: ivygame
Futomaki79 12 yr ago x
Ivy, it's that light blue path u need to lay down. Hav u tried that yet?
Futomaki79 12 yr ago x
Ok I've added people as friends but how can I visit ur park? I cannot access ur parks for some reason.
MommyLaLa2002 12 yr ago x
Tickets please!!!!!!!!!Heeeeeeelp please. Add me :MommyLaLa2002
MommyLaLa2002 12 yr ago x
COINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Heeeeeelp please . Add. me:MommyLaLa2002
Ivy 12 yr ago x
Thank you fotomaki79. I've tried add three for the blue one before, I think they just need more than three. :] thanks again
Maharyyy 12 yr ago x
Plz I need some help here!!!! I don't know how to add u ppl ! How can I acces dis stuff nd add u :(
Tinsel 12 yr ago x
Pls add me tinseltan and gelp me build rides tanx..
Kimnana99 12 yr ago x
How to add friends to my game?
Legendyigo 12 yr ago x
Add me help you help
Me legendyigo
My game center id
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