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soos 10 yr ago x
Game Center ID : soos.error
I'd be glad to help you :)
Ivy 10 yr ago x
I have helped some friends above to build the rides. But it doesn't take effect that every time I reenter the park it shows I never build it and I have to help it again. Does someone have the same problem?
Demsr 10 yr ago x
Game center id is Demsr please add
ryryken13 10 yr ago x
please help me with my pending rides:D
Futomaki79 10 yr ago x
Hey finally today friends parks r showing up on my game so I can visit them. Can people visit me too? Thx.
Carmen 10 yr ago x
How do I build a theme?
jk 10 yr ago x
pls add me
my game center id is chiqgoddess
search 4 me in fb kristine novilla

thanks :-)
Cy 10 yr ago x
Futomaki79: I tired! But can't pass through.
Sandreezzee 10 yr ago x
I need help with the pavent path :/
I'm going bananas
Battle... 10 yr ago x
My GC name is Battle...
I need some friends to help build my rides.
betzy 10 yr ago x
has anyone figured out the theme thing? it's driving me crazy, i just spent too many coins on a new park :p
Kayl90 10 yr ago x
Add me for friends on dream park
tia wim 10 yr ago x
add me tia wim i cant see my friends i added on gc pls help
Yenmichieru 10 yr ago x
I've just bought the new park & the old man asked me to create a new theme, how to do this ya?

I also need help on my pending rides, kindly add me at Gc : yenmichieru

Click on mu rides, then I'll get back to you too. Thank yoUuuuu
kobocan 10 yr ago x
Please add me also, Gc: kobocan.
Pinkate87 10 yr ago x
Help build my rides too pinkate87
nalong lee 10 yr ago x
add me on game center. much appreciated 10 yr ago x
My first park is medieval. I bought a second Park for the task "create a new theme for your new park". Though i have enough money to buy other themes, they are locked and says "you need to change the theme of your pak". any help. Pls add me, gc id: skokurt. Thanks,everyone!
Erika 10 yr ago x
In the suggestion box it say's to put down 3 roads of paved segments. I thought I had did that, I did more than 3! But the suggestion won't go away!! Why?! :(
Sandreezzee 10 yr ago x
Add me on gamecenter
ramiexe 10 yr ago x
add me : ramiexe
Ivy 10 yr ago x
I have the same problem of put down three segments of paved pathway before. I just put down 5 more of the blue pathways and the suggestion went a way. Hope this would help.
Ivy (ID: ivygame ) 10 yr ago x
The way of creat a new theme for the second park: I find we have to build a theme ride to chose the theme, check out the rides, there are three rides that have a gold frame which are theme rides, you can chose between the enhanced castle, fireball, and planet. However the planet ride is locked until level 16.
adrii 10 yr ago x
add me please :D
Ying83 10 yr ago x
Add me please ying83
Kenny-dra 10 yr ago x
So I'm level 12 and the suggestion box says to put down three segments of paved trails or whatever and I've tried many times... I may be doing something wrong but idk I need help haha
Carmen Lai 10 yr ago x
Please add me Carmen Lai 1021
rexpach 10 yr ago x
add me up rexpach game center. willing to help aswell
holylele 10 yr ago x
everyone here is fake. all will say they will help you and never do..

for those who are true to their words, add me up: gamecenter id: holylele4
Bwaks 10 yr ago x
Add me on GC: Bwaks

ill help any1 out with rides in return u help me :)
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