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Dream Park iphone cheats free tickets ipod touch game app

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Gurggreg 10 yr ago x
Add me GC id: gurggreg
Krispoh 10 yr ago x
Hey guys, I wanna add some people so I can help them :) could you please add me krispoh
pepeerere 10 yr ago x
please add me. I'll help you
ID: pepeerere
BuBu Bully  10 yr ago x
I added most of u guys. Plz help me by help building a ride for me. I dont remember the name,but it need 10 times u guys helped me to build so plz Help. I had help build in some building of you guys already too. So let make "friend with benfit guys. Thanks
tyryptophan 10 yr ago x
Also add me dear friends GC: tyryptophan

i help all of my friends.
cgrimes34 10 yr ago x
Add me on Game Center for Dream Park
Vlr14 10 yr ago x
Add me :) ID: vlr14
Wallie 10 yr ago x
Add me Walliej076
Bc 10 yr ago x
Okay, first go to settings. Then click on general. Go to date and time. If you have any thing you are trying to build on dream park or smurfs village then turn the time 1 day ahead. Go back to the game. Everything will have made money. Everything (exept castle) will be finished. If you do that enough u will have tons of coins. :-)
Skullboy88758 10 yr ago x
I added you ppl but it won't show up on dream park but it will on gamecenter does anybody know y ur not on dreampark
caSS501 10 yr ago x
Add me CassaLou95~ Thank you! And for the 3 segments thing, just build 3 different pathways.
caSS501 10 yr ago x
I can't find the settings you're referring to. Is it options? But Options does not have a general >< Thanks!
EatMyGonzo 10 yr ago x
Please add me on game center I need friends
My id is EatMyGonzo
keelz 10 yr ago x
hi does antone know how to get the hack version of dream park for your ipod touch, thanks :)6
Angie221 10 yr ago x
Hi please add me I need friends! Lol my game center Id is: Angie221 ! I have the dream park game ! Anyone can add me thank u!
Skokurt 10 yr ago x
Guys i need help in buildig my rides.pls help.gc id: skokurt
Mickhail 10 yr ago x
Add me, neede 10 friends for dream park email
maxo396 10 yr ago x
add me, id : maxo396
elaudrey 10 yr ago x
Add me: elaudrey
Maxo396 10 yr ago x
I've added some of u and helped them build rides, though I never received help from any of you......disappointing.
For serious ppl who want to help and get some help in return, please add me maxo396
Emily 10 yr ago x
Omg I just deleted my castle :0 I am so mad, I wasted all those tickets and money on it
Angie221 10 yr ago x
Ok seriously I don't get it?? I added alot of you but somehow none of u show up on the dream park game? Anyone know how to fix it?? I see friends on game center but not in the game like the smurfs
Claudiam76 10 yr ago x
Why does noone help me? I help everyday...
Cass 10 yr ago x
I added everyone, but I can't see you all in the game...Any clue why that happened?
Frozenintime 10 yr ago x
Hey guys add me in Dream Park

My ID: yamaarashihanzou
Yasminkhan8 10 yr ago x
Add me yasminkhan8
Joe 10 yr ago x
U guys can just jailbreak and download ip cracker makes in app purchase free
Joe 10 yr ago x
Nvm its IAP cracker not IP cracker
vic 10 yr ago x
hey everyone! at lvl 12 and stuck. its tellin me to make a theme. can someone tell me what to do pweeeez=(
Quynh 10 yr ago x
Please add me. GC: quynh18
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