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Dream Park iphone cheats free tickets ipod touch game app

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Claudiam76 10 yr ago x
Can someone help me please, i will help you too
Claudiam76 10 yr ago x
Add me If we can help eachother
Onyx 10 yr ago x
Add me onyx373
claudiam76 10 yr ago x
Add me claudiam76
Mistyfawn 10 yr ago x
I have built a new park area however everytime I build new buildings and rides in the new park it moves them to my old one..! I have no idea how to stop it. I am running out of room in my first park and all the rides in my second one keep being deleted and moved to the old one. Making it very frustrating.
skullboy88758 10 yr ago x
I need help with a couple of things in my park.

My gamecenter ID is: skullboy88758
maxo396 10 yr ago x
@ VIC: to build a theme you need to build any ride that has a label under it other than the red balloon label, like the enchanted castle, Tyrannosaurus rocks, belly of the beast, etc.

I each park area you are only allowed to build rides of the same theme.....meaning you can build an enchanted castle and billy of the beast in the same park but not the Tyrannosaurus rocks with them in the same park.
vic 10 yr ago x
okay well now i need to know how to add people
mommyLala2002 10 yr ago x
Help!!!!!!!!!!!,:D add me on game center :MommyLala2002
vic 10 yr ago x
if you change the time on your itouch/iphone/ipad, ahead one day, evrything in your park will have generated funds. that creepy guy with the moustache will tell you that park visitors will leave if you do it more but no visitor ever leave. it also helps if you need something to build fast!!! in three days, i started from level12 to level 17 and i am about to get to level 18!!
Not happened 10 yr ago x
How do u change the theme cuz ur way doesn't work?
chiqgoddess 10 yr ago x
some of my friends helped me with my rides. but i can't return the favorcoz everytime i search for their names, the app is closing. i really can't help them back.
Gurggreg 10 yr ago x
@bc why do you say change the date and time for the majority of people the app will tell you you got the wrong date and when you correct it you lose all your money!!!! It's useless don't try it!!!!!
Regant 10 yr ago x
TO get a new theme you have to get either the enchanted castle, volcano, or planet fun then you can by the cheap theme rides
Sparklesmum 10 yr ago x
Please friend me I need tickets my user name is. sparklesmum. All lower case
Will help in return
Barb 10 yr ago x
I don't know how to upgrade vending machine! HELP please!!!!!
cutie pie 10 yr ago x
how do u get tickets on dream park because i donlt know
ray ray 10 yr ago x
how do you change the theme?
Kaysha 10 yr ago x
Hey add me ID is: Kaysha13
Niks29 10 yr ago x
how do i change the entrance to my park?
Bethy 9 yr ago x
I need friends too! add me at gcid: Woahisme27
Smell 9 yr ago x
How do I upgrade the vending machine in dream park
Boogers 9 yr ago x
U have to buy one Of the big costruction w the frame... It Dont have the baloon near how much it cost..
Tamra Bae 8 yr ago x
How do you update the vending machines?? I really need to know!!!
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