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How do I jailbreak my iPhone / iPod Touch or iPad? For dummies!

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Karen 11 yr ago x
Hi I'm not that tech-savvy and would like to jailbreak my ipod touch but really I don't know where to start. I have iOS 4.3.1 please help!! I really like the notification app which you can download from cydia, I saw it on someone's iphone.

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anyone 11 yr ago x
is there a jailbreak for iOS 5 and is it untethered?
JB 11 yr ago x
@anyone yes there is a jailbreak out, but currently tethered. So if you are untethered now I wouldn't bother upgrading :) I will wait until there is at least an update for iOS 5 itself, so it's more stable.

@Karen iOS 5 should have a better notification system, but I haven't tried it yet.
Slayten13-glitcher 11 yr ago x
Please refer to the website JailbreakQA it's from comex and chpwn and musclenerd the original jailbreakers
chika 11 yr ago x
You can jailbreak & Unlock iPhone Jailbreak iPod Touch, Apple TV, iPad at ***

edit admin: link removed (paid service, jailbreak = free)
Jok3r 11 yr ago x
I phone 4 jail break pleez I need help
Lily 11 yr ago x
How to jailbreak iPod 4th Gen ?
tyty77 11 yr ago x
I have a jailbreak that will work for all of ur ipods/iphones, go to and towards the bottom if the page it will have links and they will either end with b6 or b7 besides the part telling u wat computer software its for, if u get the white icon when ur ipod/iphone boots back up then re-open the jailbreak, go to extras, click on "just boot" and follow the directions and u will be good to go, u will also have to do this if u install winterboard and it wont open (winterboard is used for themes) and while u r jailbreaking ur device, read the directions carefully, as long as u do that u should be good, back up ur device on itunes before u jailbreak it though, and u cant let ur device die or else it will most likely mess up like mine did and it will take u forever to figure out how to fix it
flirt 10 yr ago x
my ipone does not want to download anything from the internet. I need to change my country code in order to start downloading. Anyone that can help?
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