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Contract Killer: Zombies free iphone cheats gold money weapons guns game app

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william 12 yr ago x
The game is fun until you get to the point where the guns you have won't help you through the stage. You can't earn more money to buy good guns, so you have to pay cash to buy weapons.

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Josh 12 yr ago x
This game forces you to spend real money. It is a good iPad game, but if you want good weapons you will have to pay like 50 dollars.
EVAN 12 yr ago x
Cool for a iPhone game, but you can't earn gold. To get good weapons you have to pay real money for it. Anybody know any cheats. How do I get free gold?
Tim 12 yr ago x
I wish it was easier to earn gold and cash like in the original Contract Killer. It takes way too much money and gold for weapons. No daily bonus means you'll never be able to afford the guns you need after the first few levels.
PrettyAdvance 12 yr ago x
You can get free coins or gold by using iFile and change some codes, but once you have done that, you would need to use another game to get the game not to crash after buying a new weapon. You meed a jailbroken iDevice to do this, but you need untether 5.0 and need to get A paid game from the app store and that is Dead Rising to do this right. Try not to get mad at me because I am smarter than you to change the code for Contract Killer: Zombies.
Dman 12 yr ago x
How do you redeem your gold and money after you sign up for the free shit. Ie. Netflix
Daniel 12 yr ago x
I've watched videos, signed up for Netflix still no gold or money credited. Am I missing a step or is it a damn sham?!?!? Someone please kick me down info!!!
john 12 yr ago x
Probably a scam if you have to sign up for anything
Jokerzz 12 yr ago x
umm..Please Somebody Tell me How i Can Get Free Credits On Contract Killer: Zombies..It's That Thiis Game Obligates u To Waste Real Money On It..Someone Please Tell Me..!!!
anonny mouse 12 yr ago x
Think of it this can choose how much you want to spend on the game. If you want to just blast through all the levels without much resistance from the the max gold! If you actually want a challenge and want to continue then spend 10-20.

Think of it as a try before you buy game.

If it is so much fun that you are begging others to help you find a way to cheat it then perhaps it's worth spending a few bucks...
rusty 12 yr ago x
This game is a scam. It wants to cash on the popularity of the earlier one. you ought to spend real money and a lot of it. For 6 or 7 bucks you could get much better shooter games.
anonny mouse 12 yr ago x
I have managed to amass more than 500 Zombie Gold by going through their link to get free gold and then in the web interface I installed ran and then deleted a bunch of the apps that offerred free zombie gold with no cost involved. Now I have the baddest SMG and the 3 shot stim gun and have been blasting through level after level. So you *can* play this game without spending cash...just a little time.
Jokerzz 12 yr ago x
After i Install The App to get free Credits...How Long do i have to run the app Until i Get the Credits??
Joseph 12 yr ago x
@ Jokerzz u just need to play for like 10 seconds to the game that you have installed .. after that you'll received your gold when you enter ck zombie
That Guy 12 yr ago x
All you need to do is to download some of the Apps they list under "Get More GLU Credits" in the CK Zombie Store. Get yourself the Technic 9MM machine gun for 70 credits and the Tri-Heal Medgun for 45 credits and you'll be all set. Using those 2 items, I'm at Level 13 with $120,000 in the bank. To the poster who asked how long it takes for your credits to appear, it should happen within a few minutes.
Kandarp 12 yr ago x
I earned around $89660 bucks in this game and now I don't get paid any further on this game.....I am stuck at this point help please this game is tryin to compel me to purchase gold and cash
VFantom 12 yr ago x
I like to install tap joy from the app store. It's free and it offers a lot of free gold.
Emil 12 yr ago x
Is xp is usefull.if it is how can i use it before the reward is money now i meet the level which is the reward is xp.
jtdomehaed 12 yr ago x
how do you by guns?
Zob 12 yr ago x
I can not find the apps to install in order to get the free zombie gold
fadly 12 yr ago x
i can,t cheat in game contract killer zombie
N8dizzel 12 yr ago x
I have over 1,000,000 in gold. No joke
ContractKilllerJosh91 12 yr ago x
Download Tapjoy n download all the free apps run them then jus delete... I amassed about 700 gold doin it
D4v1-d 12 yr ago x
You need Cydia (jailbreak) then download "iAP Cracker" and go as if to buy gold or cash on CK Zombies, you will get it free.
smorgan77 12 yr ago x
how do you download the iap cracker
ivo 12 yr ago x
it wont let me download iap cracker
kk 12 yr ago x
is this real money and how are they billing me I didnt give a credit card #
Bishop234 12 yr ago x
I don't see how any of you play this on the iPhone...I can barely play it on the game, but to play on such a small screen? Forget it!
onmix 12 yr ago x
after i downloaded iapcracker contract killer gets frozen at start when the facebook message pops, any help?
maxi 12 yr ago x
why dont you update ck zombies you can play survival for a quick sum of money
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