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Contract Killer: Zombies free iphone cheats gold money weapons guns game app

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Onlyatry 10 yr ago x
test -
Justus 10 yr ago x
My friend mosheh beat the impossible mission that everyone gets stuck on.And now I'm like on level 19 with the light machine gun
And I haven't bought any thing
Jhonny 10 yr ago x
I love iTunes
Pp. 10 yr ago x
Hellooooooooooooo,very good
Kieran 10 yr ago x
I got the...
The combine and
The judgement
Super Snake 10 yr ago x
Hey everyone, there's an app in Cydia, for anybody with a jailbroken device, called iAP cracker, no scam, what it does is any in-app purchase you need to make, it won't register it with the game, I've used it with CK zombie, and so far so good, I've got all the weapons inventory for free, even used in Temple run to get unlimited cash for free!! Once again, you need a jailbroken device.
Nikko 10 yr ago x
@D4v1-d - thank you , IT WORKS AMAZING FOR iPhone4s
K-dawg 10 yr ago x
U know u can earn money on survival mode on ck: zombies
SmOkE 10 yr ago x
@ D4v1-d

Serioulsy brother. You are awesome!! :D Thanks a whole bunch brother!! :D
Sandro 9 yr ago x
Listen when you see the netflix 364 free gold dont get fooled it doesnt work your waisting your time
camman 9 yr ago x
everytime i try to download one of these apps i NEVER get the glu credits for it
Copmoon9 9 yr ago x
What happens after level 25 ?
fath 9 yr ago x
how i can find iap cracker in cydia???i already search but i cant find it. anyone help please...
gingerchef 9 yr ago x
hey how can I get free gold and cash for contract killer zombies, I have an iphone 5 so no jail break and I use a mac so the programs that people suggest wont work, please help
Macn 9 yr ago x
Lets get it
Nick 9 yr ago x
How do you earn gold on ck zombies?
waqaar 9 yr ago x
try!!!!!!! it allos free gold no lie
Tmoney08 9 yr ago x
I need gold for contract killer zombies
Alexis  9 yr ago x
How do I download
Alexis  9 yr ago x
How do I use when's I download it
river 9 yr ago x
By beaf then force stop it gives you 1,000,000 dollars it's a great.
river 9 yr ago x
Click the app for alxis
river 9 yr ago x
By beaf then force stop it gives you 1,000,000 dollars it's a great. Couse it glithes
Gus 8 yr ago x
I am stuck on level 6 in contract killer 2 what do the coins mean and how do u use them I have 12 but don 't how I acquired them or how to use them. Thanks
Mitchach 8 yr ago x
I've spent about $15 and it's easy to beat any level. Just make sure on the HARD supplies missions, you have the tri-heal gun, then your unstoppable.
Nik 7 yr ago x
How do I get free gold
Razzler 50 7 yr ago x
How can I get free gold for ck zombies no jailbreak phone tried tap joy didn't work anything else out there ??
jhom 7 yr ago x
plzz give me coin for contract killer zombies
Ribit 7 yr ago x
Need gold

Ribit 7 yr ago x
Need gold

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