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Trevor 8 yr ago x
I'm at the secret library passage where you have to fight the guardian beast for the second time and my parties health and mana are EXTREMELY low and im not able to leave to find a healer and all the mobs give me 1 XP and 1 gold so I can't revive or lvl at all my lvls are jack:33 Bella:30 Lydia:23 and Virginia:19 I can't beat the beast cause he keeps healing at 2000hp what can I do???
Ella 8 yr ago x
I'm stuck after the library tunnels too, I have to find the third family. Where do I go?
Jazzycat 8 yr ago x
Trevor - if you are where I think you are, the beast will heal itself twice only. Is it possible to keep one alive long enough to outlast it?? Good luck!!
Trevor 8 yr ago x
Jazzycat - I am where you think I am. And thanks that will be helpful but it's not possible cause I don't have the pots to keep my team alive the most I can do healing wise is Bella second healing move that heals 600hp but I can't get her to keep up with the ap cost to keep my team healed. I'll try again rearranging my power spells to those who have the mana to spend. Thanks for the input
Anthomi 8 yr ago x
Question: im at the holy hall and im stuck, it says i need to activate some mechaism
What do i need to do?
jack 8 yr ago x
Hey guys, those who are stuck at fighting the guardian beast. In case you have forgotten, remember that you still have Battle Items that could use to make some damage.
danielle1623 8 yr ago x
I had trouble trying to be the second guardian but since i didnt have swords and weapons leveled up i wasnt able to beat him so i had to start over when i started over i fought all the little blue fire enemies and i leveled up my weapons as well but now im stuck in the holy hall i dont know how to find the mechanism to break the seal i need help!!!!!
ella2108 8 yr ago x
hey guys, i am stuck on trying to find the holy city? it says to go west of the capital but i cant find the
wza 8 yr ago x
anybody know where the great santuary is?
alex 8 yr ago x
It's impossible to defeat the best it has got 2000 points and when you use a normal item it only takes away 1 damage!!!
alex 8 yr ago x
Please reply to my comment above I'm stuck on defeating the guardian beast for the first time in the ladybrint I only have Bella and Jack please help!!
Choy 8 yr ago x
How to determine the intimacy of each character???
Fish 8 yr ago x
Need to be beefed uP to defeat the labyrinth 2 beast... Get out of there and keep re-entering to gain lvl and G to upgrade weapons/armour, etc
alex 8 yr ago x
What do you mean beefed up??
Esther 8 yr ago x
I can't find the mechanism within the holy hall..... Help!!!
EmmaTripp 8 yr ago x
Alex- on Bella's gems use meteorite, it's very powerful, I defeated it on my first try, right now I'm lost on how to find the capital,

Any help??
willahz 8 yr ago x
to get to the capital from the village of origin head right to the ruble path right agian to carmichel city once agian right to path to the capital and .... right agian to the capital
willahz 8 yr ago x
I forgot, in each town there is a guy that you can fight for free hes about boss toughness lvl but if you beat him you will get a gem that is lvl 4 i believe i got meteor, pillar of fire, ice blast? and one other all with 500 dmg for 70mp
Rawr 8 yr ago x
Tip #1: I found this out through experiencing this and noticed something. EVERY monster/boss has a special attack that seems to use MANA that is not shown to us. These special attacks usually do ALOT of damage or cause status effects on you or both. Survive those special attacks and you are SHOULD win IF you have a decent amount of defense since all they have left is their basic attack. Bosses are able to potion for 1-3 (increasing as you advance further into plot) times when low so it is not possible for them to continue healing.

Tip #2: Bella is OP past lvl 30, even more so past 45. MP regen + more % mana = spell spam throughout the game (even the one that cost 150 mp without the need of a single mana pot).

Bella + mp regen shoe + mp regen armor + anti chaos ring + anti magic block ring + high level skills + high mana (atleast enough to sustain skill spam) = a very OP character

Tip #3: Don't pay G to revive, its a waste. Might as well use that G to unlock some gem slots. Just reload, level up some, regear and kick their ass then.

From a Lvl 55 Jack
WN 8 yr ago x
What am I suppose to be (or whats level is recommended) before i fight the mask dude (Cay)?
Eva 8 yr ago x
How to get back to the great sanctuary?!!
Ray 8 yr ago x
Anyone here knows how to increase intimacy with the characters? Or at least know how to check on it?
antrasta 8 yr ago x
how to unlock the other endings?? i only unlock lydia's ending
willahz 8 yr ago x
@ Ray
Im assuming that you increase intimacy with the other characters when they have a "cut scene" and give you the mutiple answer questions and depending on how you answer ?increases/decreases? intimacy LVL. not sure how to check the LVLs though.
I would assume that the intimacy lvl of the characters would be the contributing factor for the endings. just a guess in the dark
blueyes72178 8 yr ago x
ok i need help what town is the great sanctuary located in i've got all three emblems now i cant remember the town :(
jhoma 8 yr ago x
i dont know what how to do the mechanisms is says that it somehow restored but nothing is happening help plss...
Rawr 8 yr ago x
@ jhoma - it is not supposed to restore. Find the sequence that tells you otherwise. If it tells you that it is restored, that just means it reset. If you cant figure it out, scroll up to mikes top comment for the answer.
wza 8 yr ago x
i finished the game! got virginia the maids ending, even though i never used her? oh well.

rawr bella tip is definately necessary!!
Irfan 8 yr ago x
Directions to great sanctuary after 3 emblems please? Somebody anybody hellllppppp!!!!!!!
jhoma 8 yr ago x
@RAWR yeah i didi it now i have to beat the arcbisho and the angel its very difficult...
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