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Rawr 8 yr ago x
Honestly, I thought the hardest challenge in the game was the town challenger #5 since he has some skill that did 1600 damage to my entire party. The hardest boss that I thought was probably 3x shadow Cay. To me, it seemed like Archbishop and the Angel were the easiest boss, but that might have been so because my bella was buffed up.
J 8 yr ago x
Just slowly collect the G 1 at a time. Thats what I did. Damn slow though
Rymar 8 yr ago x
Looking for directions to the Great Sanctuary after collecting all three emblems. Thanks
Rawr 8 yr ago x
It is where you fought the first Cay. From the facility, down and left.

Not many people seem to like reading the story line. It tells you exactly where to go, but many people still get lost o.O
Alex 8 yr ago x
How do you beat the beast in ladybrinth 2
Valz 8 yr ago x
@Alex I've been stuck there for a while, after the fight with de #4 challenger, i got straight there, so it was pretty hard to get pass it, and i had only 2 potions.

What i did was to fight regular creatures (1 gold, 1 exp) to full my AP bar, enter the battle, used whatever i could, plus healing with bella twice. Used the 2 potions, and as i did that prob the beast lost all its mp, cause i started to regular attack me for like 30s, and so i could bring down his hp plus the 2 heals of 2700 (if im not wrong) i use to deal 300 something damage back there, good luck.
ken 8 yr ago x
where is the facility center located??? pls help me,. im kinda lost here -__-
loled me gusta 8 yr ago x
Is anyone have hack for maximum money for this game? I knew I must edit this file : Documents_magicTime.rms through hexeditor. The PROBLEM IS I didn't know which line/column value that I must change. I've tried to compare original save file with 716 G in it with 756 G save file in it. But the file change too many number. Trying insert random value is really bad idea. I got new character with overpowered status but after a battle finished, the game immediately stuck, not responded.

I got the idea change the save file because of this video.
If this game could be done, others game should able too.
blah,...... 8 yr ago x
im stuck at defeating the guardian beast. >;o
Angie 8 yr ago x
I failed to defeat angel. Then I try to activate the mechanism for the second time, but it could'nt. It said: seems like we've activate some mechanism.. Anyone know why?
Ren 8 yr ago x
It says find the mechanism in the holy hall? Pls help im stuck!
Jessie 8 yr ago x
i loveeeee this game but id like to know if theres any way to get easy gold other then grinding. cuz every time i play this game im always broke...any tips???
Sabby72 8 yr ago x
Hey, you know after you defeat the archbishop? You enter the labyrinth, right? In the 2nd labyrinth, how in the world do you find the place where you have to defeat angel? Plz help!
pino 8 yr ago x
hi, i'm sorry if my english is bad. i has play dawn of magic for 4 or 5 time. this RPG is good and i;m not bored.
Abcd 7 yr ago x
How can i defeat the guardian beast?
Sabby72 7 yr ago x
To Abcd: I'm not sure how to say this, but defeat all the monsters until they only give you 1 EXP and 1G. I found it quite easy...The guardian beast can regenerate itself 2 times, so make sure you have a lot of potions :D
Ray 7 yr ago x
Tip for gaining higher exp and gold: Keep Virginia at a low level as fas as possible, and out of the active party until your battle spoils are 1 exp and 1 gold. Then switch either Bella or Lyia with Virginia and your exp / gold gain should be higher. The game seems to calculate the exp / gold gained based on the lowest level member. I have no problems with leveling. As for gold, spend wisely!
Tstar65 7 yr ago x
I came out from the tunnel in the sage's library and now I cant get back in.what do I do now??
ALUCARD 7 yr ago x
Gold hack is simple hex edit. Modify your Documents/magicTime.rms and Documents/magicTimeData.rms files. Best of all you don't need to be jailbroken to do this hack. Gold value in magicTime.rms is offset 0x10c - 0x10f. For magicTimeData.rms it is 0x03 - 0x06. Just starting game and already level 60! :-)

dwm helper 7 yr ago x
ok anyone that is stuck with bosses
buy jack armor and try to find the steel boots which give back 5% health back to him every round have some potions so that jack can stay alive until the boss has no mana left then its just like taking 1 damage caus of all the armor and oding 250 back so mostly try to beef up jacks armor and you hsould be bale to get though easily, after getting most 40 level items for jack now look for mana regen and intelgent items for bella so she can realll rape while jack takes most of the damage and remember o give her a healing magic gem you gionann neeed it seriously you gonna need it i didnt know alot of this so i stated anew and using this im doing great xD hope this helps
angie 7 yr ago x
John 7 yr ago x
Which characters are the best and why?
Should I use Bella, Lydia, or Virginia?
dominique 7 yr ago x
how do i defeat the 2nd guardian beast? i finally defeated the 1st one, but the second one is really hard to get his health down really low, and when i do get his healthe down really low, all he does is cure his health over and over. last time i played, he cured himself 3 times! my team members consists of: Jack level 27, Bella level 25, Lydia level 14, and Virginia level19. HELP PLEASE! I love this game, but I'm stuck on the same level. I'm in the library secret passage. HELP PLEASE!
iko 7 yr ago x
I can't find the Holy City, It said to go to the west of the Capitol but Capitol has only 2 exits, the capitol corridor and outskirts of Capitol. Where should I go??
I am stuck
Dee 7 yr ago x
How do u get out of the facility on this game I have been stuck here for a while and cant find my way out . Help please
Xapz 7 yr ago x
This game has infinite supply of G' need to purchase... :) go find it yourself...i already have 270k G and i got it from the unlimited treasure chest that gives you stone level3... :) once you get tons of it, just sell it and do it all over again til you reach your hearts content! Happy treasure hunting! :)
eternalflare 7 yr ago x
i'm sorry if my english is bad. did anyone know how to get out from nova studio after you defeated archbishop and angel actually i think it was to easy and i'm so bored can't get out there and hunt again @_@
Ali 7 yr ago x
What's the best way to defeat the gurdian beast in the ruins?
Blur 7 yr ago x
How come none answer how to Find the mechanisms within the holy hall?
UltimatePower 7 yr ago x
For me it takes awhile for me to get g, i fight flying and armored guards at capital corridor. I powered up Jack, Bella, and Lydia. Jack is all power all he needs is a healing lvl 1, and the rest of slots should just be stat increasing get the most powerful equipment and the boots that heal Jack. Bella give her high lvl spells, rune shoes and Priest garment and give her lvl 3 healing and lvl 4 healing, the rest take the best one. Lydia Best equipment and the shoes for mana regen, stat based spells and lvl 3 healing, I keep noble garment because it heals. i did this before guardian beast...I didn't even lose half hp for any of them. i do't know much for virgia because i hardly used her, because she isn't really needed.
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