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Dawn of Magic free iphone G Package cheats ipod touch game app

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Brian 9 yr ago x
A really fun RPG game. Graphics are very nice. We need more turn based games like this on the iOS! Can you change the heroes name? Also you should make the game autosave.

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pete 9 yr ago x
Interesting storyline and a great game. Especially sine it's free :) Any cheats for the G Packages?

David 9 yr ago x
I agree, easy to control and great plot so far!
Raymond 9 yr ago x
Anyone knows how to break the seal in the holy hall. I am stuck there.
Lars 9 yr ago x
I am stuck at the holy hall too. Wasn't paying attention when the masked man and game autosaved :(
Kaufe 9 yr ago x
Yep im stuck there too....
Kelv 9 yr ago x
Can anybody help? Super stuck...
Pieda 9 yr ago x
I am stuck after visiting the tunnels in the library in the village of origin. I think the sage said to go east on the path that leads to the ruins, but I can't go that way yet because it leads to the harbor... Help?
Mike 9 yr ago x
The order is:

Top left
Bottom right
Middle right
Middle left
Bottom left
Top right

Hope this helps.
Kelv 9 yr ago x
Thanks Mike!! It works!! Have a nice week ahead! =)
my man  9 yr ago x
im stuck at the library in the village of origin i dont catch what the sage said and know im lost help?
awesome 9 yr ago x
im stuck there 2. I don't know were to go after the library tunnels. Help? please???
Ya 9 yr ago x
How does the different answers for character questions affect the game? And any hints on choosing them?
Tgdsgb 9 yr ago x
Where is the facility center?
maikeru 9 yr ago x
yes. where is the facility center im stuck there! and who know how to make gold fast? where i can farm golds
Jeryl 9 yr ago x
M stuck too.. Anyone know where is e facility center?
Mika 9 yr ago x
Ohh.. I found it.. Fm holy city corridor exit right to outskirts of capital exit left top to organization base.. At facility lvl2 exit on e left to facility center..
Alex 9 yr ago x
I'm stuck on the bit when you have to defeat the guardian beast in labyrinth 2 please help!!
swordsman 9 yr ago x
wheres is the capital corridor?
Peter 9 yr ago x
im stuck at holly hall. someone help me plz.
Jack the ripper 9 yr ago x
Stuck how?
Jack the ripper  9 yr ago x
I'm back at facility center and it stinks trying to level up. Only one xp and one gold really? What level is everyone else? I'm 59 with jack 47 with others.
my man  9 yr ago x
stuck as in dont know what to do next it says to find the third person but i dont know where to go to find him or how to
Alex 9 yr ago x
Please how do you defeat the guardian beast in the labyrinth please how do you defeat it??!!!!
my man 9 yr ago x
@alex when i died it asked if i wanted to pay 2000 do come back alive and i did and i beat it the second time
Steve 9 yr ago x
Where do I go after the library tunnels? Lost...
Elle 9 yr ago x
Has anyone restarted or played a new game? The screen says you will keep G, slots and evade but when I started, I was missing all the G I had..... Bug?
Joyce Adriano 9 yr ago x
any one can help?? i am stuck with the guardian beast in the labyrinth 2... i dont have any 2000 G for reviving my players.. any ways how can i defeet it?? please...
Old 9 yr ago x
The reason you cannot farm G or exp on this game is so you buy it
It's kinda f**ked of them to do that
Honestly though it's easy enough you shouldn't need too much G
I wish you all the best of luck and will help wherever I can
Where is the capital 9 yr ago x
I have been told to go to the capital to the knights building to look for Cleo. Where is the capital?
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