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Tap Zoo game on Android mobile, how to get stars and coins hacks cheats

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shan 9 yr ago x
Tap Zoo game on Android mobile, how to get stars and coins. all the forums are taking about Apple products what about android version. how to get stars and coins in them?

tags: cheats, hacks, tips, cross breeding, guide
ManiacMike 9 yr ago x
Tap Zoo Android Deleting Objects

Hi! I just started playing Tap Zoo oon Android last week and am having fun but an issue has presented itself that I haven'tv been able to resolve. There is a short delay when I tap to have a new piece of sidewalk installed. Often, I accidentally buy more sidewalk than I need but then I cannot figure out how to get rid of sidewalk pieces I don't need. Please help? Thank You!
shan 9 yr ago x
there is not option to delete any item which is purchased in the Tap Zoo Android version, so far. waiting for new patch from developers
shan 9 yr ago x
Tip to Open Cross breeding slot with out having starts

worked for me in case on only having less than 100 Start.
-> go to Cross breeding, Select the Nest. it might ask you dont have sufficient starts, select yes if you are fortunate it will give you one slot of cross breeding for free

one more bug in tap zoo (with out spending a single star you can get Minotaur. Have two Minotaur first, select nursery (with having stars count as min1) place a Minotaur and select yes. it might ask you will be charged 1 Start. if you are lucky it might not deducted it.
suharita 9 yr ago x
no hacker did not found any crack so far for android tap zoo version. shame of you hackers

still there are few softwares where hackers cannot not touch. android is so far secure
gunnersmurf 9 yr ago x
To get rid of sidewalks just sell them back
Jonah 8 yr ago x
None of these have cheats they need to be renamed
Estela 8 yr ago x
playing on iphone (granddaughter) and I on a android.he that she is getting Stars and alot of other things that I can not get on my phone. What is the problem?
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