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Blood & Glory free iphone cheats coins rubies pack ipod game app

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John 12 yr ago x
Good game until you have to use real money to continue and buy health and items. There is no way to finish the game without paying! Stuff is to expensive and every level we should get 2 healing potions!

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kez 12 yr ago x
Anyone else having this? I can't even get through the tutorial with out the game crashing on my ipod touch.
phil 12 yr ago x
The weapons cost REAL MONEY later. Kind of hard to buy good weapons or armor. Any cheats for rubies?
Vin410 12 yr ago x
When im about to fight someone, it says "easy prey" but the opponent kills me. Is that a glitch or something? 12 yr ago x
keep playin the easy levels then save up enough coins to get more armor (the trick is to buy armor before new weapons) and dont buy armor one level at a time save up enough for the very best. if you want to win, thats how you do it.
Yekahs 12 yr ago x
Free sign up to gives you a list of free apps to install and run for free rubys, it will also tell you how to earn stuff for other games too
Wrekhavik 12 yr ago x
My strategy:
1. Go as far as you can in the level
2. Take off best armor and put on worst, not helmet, since it gives you extra coins/XP
- If you have not beaten the tournament already, it gives you more coin/XP if you lose.
- One hit kills and skipping intros make it easy to farm coins (no luck on rubies other than the one per leveling up and 2 for following/liking Glu)
Ben1371 12 yr ago x
Maybe you (John) just simply don't know how to play this game because I finished it without paying a dime for it.. Lmaooooo
Ben1371 12 yr ago x
@John.. Hate people who just come here and run their mouth about a game that they definitely have no clue about.. Stupid people..
ben7113 12 yr ago x
ben1371 u are a liar in a half, Everyone will have to pay many no matter what. Ben 1371 just thinks he cool.
whocares13 12 yr ago x
I played this game forever, and tried many different strategies. The only way to win is to spend money, and a lot of it. It's really frustrating. Even if u use "ben1371's strategy" and buy armor instead of weapons it still wont work. The crapier weapons the longer the round takes and eventually i will die because your armor will give out. plus the best armor and weapons in the game cost rubies and eventually u'd probly need them, and those u absolutely have to buy.
blah12 12 yr ago x
Unless u have a jailbroken device this game will end up costing u more than a ps3/xbox game if u want to finish it. Thats the honest truth. It has great graphics and decent gameplay but really if your going to play it stop the first time u feel the need to spend real money.
yeah123 12 yr ago x
In my opinion the best thing u can do is not use any potions whatsoever play as many times as u need to until u figure out
how to anticipate them. The best thing in my opinion is to the buy the best weapons u can because the key is to not get hit.
yeah123 12 yr ago x
if you dont use any potions then u dont feel so bad if u lose and u can try again until u no ur oponent so well u will eventually win
Me 12 yr ago x
I played this game for a while, it gets hard i have bad armor and all that. Really the only way u can win is dodge every hit. takes a few times cus some attacks can be unpredictable but after a while it can be done.
Jimman 12 yr ago x
Am really happy today. Finished all 12 levels without spending a pie :)
Of course there was a multipronged strategy for the same.
1. Repeated the already won level multiple times to accumulate coins.
2. Used the coins to buy the best possible equipment money could buy, for everything else there was a credit card that I was determined not to use.
3. When you are playing a new level for the first time, you win more points even when losing to a particular guy repeatedly. It builds the bank may be not the reputation, but is worthwhile for the cause. So, never surrender, and it is better not to finish a level invictus i.e undefeated coz u lose on the thick losing points.
4. Develop the art to dodge. I used dodging to the extent that not a single point was lost to even most vicious attacks. Combine this with the special attacks and you can win effectively.
5. In higher levels drink health potion if necessary. Suppose at the end of 2nd fight your health is left at 40%, it would be better to drink the potion at the end of the fight so that your health is restored and you can start 3rd fight with full health. Otherwise you would start with 40% health and may find it difficult to finish 3rd fight with that stock and you would restart with 40% every time you lose the third game.
6. Bad news. Every time the game refreshes it self by checking version, it becomes smarter and is plugging its holes as people are winning levels without spending money because of their smart way outs. As an example the number of points you win by replaying a tournament already won has been reduced and the company insists you to buy the full quota of points that you would have any way got by default in previous versions. You can try keeping the phone in offline mode when initiating the game ;)

Hope above was useful.

Happy gaming.

Danielstag 12 yr ago x
Smart @jimman
Like bullets 3 & 5. Kudos
Toxic7 12 yr ago x
Ben1371 is liying because this game will destroy u if u don't end up spending ur collage found on the dang thing it is just imposible. My recommendation is as soon as u get to the point where u need to spend money STOP, or u will be eaten alive!
Deltaa 12 yr ago x
It is possible to beat it without spending money. It may take a while, but if you keep it up you can beat it. You just have to develop your dodge technique to near perfect.You guys just don't want to put in the time.
Kevin 12 yr ago x
Hey dudes, I can beat this game easily, damn whoever said to buy armors and helmets and shyts first, DON'T!!!!!! First of, you mostly use your weapon and dodge, buy a good weapon. I finished it in a while because it keep crashing after a match, very effing annoying. If you're beginner try to finish I-II-III all Invictus about 3 to 4 times and you might get 11k2 coins, buy a Mage +150 or something, you win the level in a blink of an effing eyes dumbas*!!!!!
Savage 12 yr ago x
I have the second best armor,shield,helmet,and the fourth best sword all I need is a lot of rubies so I can get the best it's absolutely ridiculous that u have to pay that much but anyways y'all should try a website called Tapjoy it gets h free money rubies ect.And it gets u money on your other games it works with all iPhone android games that affiliate with having to buy something with real money,just follow the steps and get money hope this helps!!!!!
Julio 12 yr ago x
Tyson 12 yr ago x
Ok, all of you who are so insistent and so sure that beating this game is an absolute impossibility without spending real money of their own, couldn't be more wrong. Successfully beating Blood & Glory without spending money requires ALOT of patience and ALOT of practice. Dodging and combo attacks must be mastered in order to advance through the later tournaments.
RedFury113 12 yr ago x
Has Your Game CRASHED???
Just turn off your iPhone/iPod/iPad for a few sec. Then turn it back on.
That should stop the game from CRASHING...
osmosian 12 yr ago x
datz nt tru we can win d game without its difficult bt possible only the libitima armor suit and the most ferocious wepons are out of reach concentrate more on dodging and not using shieldin parry is good for those who dot armor is not important .....go for the maze its good
control 12 yr ago x
this is one of the best games ever. hd pic and great sound
i struggled at the beg but it got easier and more exciting.
ifinished all the levels more than once till the end without baying any money. i bought all the highest $ equip.

jimman you are so helpeful and hope there will be a multiplayer on line and get the chance to challenge you.
but somthing wiered happened it crashed and asked me to update even though no update showing i deleted it then i coulden't find it in istore.
I wish i could get it back and unlouck the premume tow levels
Bojo 12 yr ago x
Dis gam is fun I also find it easy to dodge and then I played infinity blade and I owned everyone
7yler 12 yr ago x
This is how i did it without paying money- Beat each tournament and keep replaying each previous tournament to stack coins. Get the mid level sword then beat the tourneys until they get to the point that you might actually die on your first attempt. I dont even use sheild (waste of money) just get good at dodging, after a while you can easily predict the direction of just about every attack in the game. Keep beating previous tourneys until you can get the best helmet, weapon, and armor. As you beat these tourneys and level up, save your rubees to get health potions for the final tourament because it is truly hard. You should have a ton of health to get you through it. It should take you forever to do, but its do-able if you really want to. Remember abandon blocking and parry as they are too risky and will cause you to die. Just get good at dodging.
joeeeeeeeee 12 yr ago x
its not impossible to finish the game without dying cause i did it i found the last tournamount easy and nearly done it in invictus! and im not lying
edub 12 yr ago x
How many levels are in this game? I got to 12 and have done the 2 elite, are there any more?
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