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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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guest 11 yr ago x
You are only able to play about 15% of snoopy's street fair before you have to spend real money.

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guest 11 yr ago x
There are options to use real money and to get more characters but it's really not necessary.
guest 11 yr ago x
Sure most of the really good things within the game cost money but even without making those purchases it's still fun to play.
guest 11 yr ago x
There aren't enough free Snoopy Bucks! I really enjoy it but game needs more concession stands that you can buy for coins! It's a fun game it does take a little patience though if you're not willing to buy snoopy dollars.
gegeebuka99 11 yr ago x
i know a hack that can help you get more money and you do not need your ipod jailbroken all you need to do to find this hack is to go to me youtube channel which is *** and write in one of my videos saying tell me hack for snoopy's fair and i will send you a message but you have to give me your email to send the hack. thank you =)
karen 11 yr ago x
just post here if you have something interesting for us
Tazpop  11 yr ago x
Gegeebuka omg I need that cheat or hack or watever u didn't put ur YouTube channel up so I couldn't see it :(
Alert! 11 yr ago x
Why not putting it here instead of sending, sounds more like a way to start spam mail or virus in an attachment !
jwDRIGGS 11 yr ago x
I need two more friends and someone to trade some cards with. I have lots of extras. My gamercenter ID is jwdriggs
Lizzy 11 yr ago x
I need a cheat code !!!!!!!!!!!
Guest 11 yr ago x
Please tell us!!!!!!
gegeebuka99 11 yr ago x
hi guys ok it is time to tell you the hack to hack snoopy's fair you need to go to settings and change the time but changing time 1 hour so snoopy's fair does not get suspicious so after that go check your game and there all the money ill be there but when you are changing and you get up to 11 pm change the minute to 11:59 and keep doing that when you get up to 11 pm

please and me on game center to get more cheats and hacks for games on ipod name on game center: ebuka91
brc06 11 yr ago x
i need two more friends :) game center id: brc06
Gegegeebuka99 11 yr ago x
Hi guys and girls thank you for adding me on Gamecenter I would like to say if you have any questions or and thing to ask about your iPod just send me a message on YouTube or chat On the iPod p.s chat is only for iOS5 and iPhone 4 please send a message and your chat email o. YouTube thxs
Gegeebuka99 11 yr ago x
Does any one no when online is coming out for iPod and can you please tell me if you think mw2 or mw3 will be comin out for iPod

YouTube name: gegeebuka99
Chat name:
Google plus: gegeebuka99

You. An send me a message of what you think may happen on those accounts thank you
Gegeebuka99 11 yr ago x
Sorry I mean onlive
Gegegeebuka99 11 yr ago x
Sorry guys sorry for saying that chat is on the iPod I mean message so look for message on your iPod

Message account:
Gegeebuka99 11 yr ago x
P.s message is only for IOS5 and iPhone 4
jheimarie 11 yr ago x
pls add me:

jheimarie (id)
Gegeebuka99 11 yr ago x
Erin 11 yr ago x
Add me to Snoppy's Street Fair

ID: Skincutter :)

Gegeebuka99 11 yr ago x
Hi guys and girls I'm trying to add every one on this website so you can ask me any iPod gam question so the only thing that is blockIng this goal is that I need a way for us to chat oh and there will be a quiz
Gegeebuka99 11 yr ago x
Hi guys and girls I have found a way you can add me. You can add me on hotmail and send me messages and if I can't answer them then my loyal friends will help to answer your question.

Hotmail account:
Mkpat123 11 yr ago x
How do you get snoopy dollars quicker without having to buy them?!
Guest 11 yr ago x
Please add me!
My username is: 🌟ash🌸
Ps you can only see the username properly if you are viewing this from an iPod or iPhone
Gegeebuka 11 yr ago x
Mkpat123 sorry but u can't because you either need to jail break it or buy it but can do my hack and level up thxs

Add me
Snoopy 11 yr ago x
Hi, I need friends, pls add me Snoopy84
Jwdriggs 11 yr ago x
Thanks for everyone who added me but now my snoopy friends list is full thanks
Gnet30 11 yr ago x
Hi, I need friends too. Add me.
GC id : Gnet30

T-Rae9 11 yr ago x
I need friends! Add me?

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