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Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
PLEASE read the entire forum for the snoopy DOLAAR HACK, not the Geebuka CHEAT. The cheat will only get you COINS, not SNOOPY DOLLARS. Also if you continue to do rhe cheat it will mess up your stall payout times.
Is it worth it?
You need to quit calling your cheat on time a hack. Do you know what a poser is?
littlebear 10 yr ago x
Im happy for those who were able to hack :) though i cant do it on my device im still glad because Tattoedtwiin is there to send me gifts i can't buy :D
Thank you so much. Hope i ca send you a good gift too some other time. :D GODBLESS.
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Littlebear, my pleasure. The only thing holding you back from SD hack is your device :-(. I am happy to send you anything I can. You jave my email, feel free to let me know if you ever want anything special.
jaysay  10 yr ago x
yeah tattooedtwiin stop insulting gegeebuka what u just called gegeebuka is just sad calling him a posser when he is telling trying to help people improve their fair. tattoedtwiin that hack u gave to every one is a one time thing when the update snoopys fair that hack would get removed from their game.

so stop saying mean things to that kid gegeebuka he is trying to be friends with you the real evil person is you tattooedtwiin stop being sad to people yo don't even know you never know they may be greater then you :)
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x You must not lnow the difference between snoopy dollars and snoopy coins, stall timing give outs and cheats.
The time cheat will seriously mess up stall payouts.
My hack only has to be done once, and my SD will be there after the update.
And you sure do type a lot like Geebuka, lol.
Nice try.
Vette4mypl 10 yr ago x
jaysay- I'd say I have to agree with Tattooedtwiin on this one...You are way out of line since not once have you even posted in this forum. TT is correct saying the Gebuka is nothing but a poser-what he does is just tell people to adjust their device time to earn coins faster, which in turn, upsets their payout for a very long time, or until, as TT stated, the user puts all thei stalls in storage then places them again.
Coins and dollars have a very different purpose. SD are much harder to come by and TT has given a hack that allow users to gain them. The hack may not work after the update and she stated but the gollars will still be there. I have used it on both my ipad, and iphone and am very pleased. I don't need more coins, the coins generated themselves when I purchased items with XP with my SD.
As for Gebuka trying to be friends, he has not. I read all the forum posts and she tried to befriend him. Go back and read them all.
Lastly, a hacker and a cheat are different. Calling her evil and him a greater person is senseless.
TT, thanks for helping so many in this forum, ignore the posts like Ge, and jay (I think you're right, they write very much the same). You have helped a lot of people get SD, and we appreciate you.
Snoopy Mom 10 yr ago x
I have to say, Snoopy Dollars are most precious, with dollars comes coins...Coins do not give you dollars. I've seen both fairs..TT you really did a great job.
I did the time change thing, what a disaster...then I too did the hack and now have stalls that give me coins...Thanks TT, just iggy these other posers, errr, I mean posters, lol.
Whether or not the hack works after the game doesn't matter since it works now.
It worked before, then an update changes that but now we can all take advantage of it in case it doesn't work again, who knows.
You have made this Snoopy moms fair nice, thanks again.
I think there will be an update this week. Beeline submitted to Apple last Wednesday, so anytime now!!
Woot Woot.
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Vette and Snoopy Mom, thanks for your support. I guess those that get it do and that's what matters.
It's a shame to see people mess there fairs up by not educating themselves about the time cheat.
I hope you both enjoy your SD, and fairs.
I am taking your advice and ignoring those posters that just want to stir stuff up.
Thanks again, TT.
yoyomanito 10 yr ago x
hey tat ive encountered a roadblock, im a MAC user and i think hex editor neo does not support MAC..what should i do now?
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Yoyo, sadly I dont know a workaround for MAC users.
yoyomanito 10 yr ago x
thanks still tat i still think its so nice of you to help everyone out. :) tat, im sorry to have to ask but is t possible that i send you my player data? maybe you can make the neccessary adjustments for me? sorry! im so embarassed to have to ask! :p its just that ive tried but i cant seem to get past the hex editor issue..ive tried "hex friend" but i cant seem to find my "coins" in hex form..
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Yoyo, GREAT idea! Yes please do, send your current coin count. Close app immediately, and send me your player_data.dat file. Please keep a copy in your documents if this doesnt work rhough. Send please!
yoyomanito 10 yr ago x
omg you are an absolute angel!! :D ill do just that hold on whats your email add? ill send it there! you a daymaker!!hahaha love it :)
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Send to Can do now.
yoyomanito 10 yr ago x
sent! :)
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Done, sent back with a few SD! lol. Enjoy.
yoyomanito 10 yr ago x
guys, TAT is legit! cant thank her guys dont know how lucky we are we came across her :) thanks TAT youre th man!! err woman..
jaysay 10 yr ago x
hey guys i am gegeebuka older bro and i do not like it how you are talking to my bro like that so stop if you ever try looking at the website it says cheats and hacks and gegeebuka is trying so stop being such a DOG i am so sick of you and being sad my mother rea this and she fells like you hate my bro or something so stop being so DOG YOU SAD BULLY!!!
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Yoyo, TY, but it was your idea to send me the file, Im just glad you did! Enjoy your fair and thank you for the gifts. TT
PanMan 10 yr ago x
Tattoo-2 words-THANK YOU. Your hack worked on my iphone 4 and I leveled up to MAX. I have more SD then I thought possible. Thank you for accepting my invite through GC. Your fair is awesome, wow.
Thank you again. My kids love this even more now.
tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Pan...You are welcome, glad it worked for you and yours! Your fair is nice as well! Thanks for adding me.
Enjoy :-)
lsb101 10 yr ago x
Does it still work tattooedtwiin?
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
lab- it works yes, I have posted step by stwp in the forum already.
lsb101 10 yr ago x
Can you give me some dollar gifts? My code is GzpQjMz. I just sent you an attorney set
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
lsb- did you do the hack?
lsb101 10 yr ago x
Im still trying to
lsb101 10 yr ago x
What file do i need?
lsb101 10 yr ago x
I have capcom.snoopy.plist
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Player_data.dat file is the one to work on
lsb101 10 yr ago x
Where can i find that?
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