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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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lsb101 10 yr ago x
Maybe it will also work
tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
1. Attached your device to your PC and open Diskaid.
2. Go to Apps>Snoopy's Fair>Documents. There you will find the file player_data.dat, right click it and copy to PC. Put it on your desktop.
3. Open Hex Editor and drag the data.dat file (player_data.dat) from your Desktop into it.
4. Find your coins, as for me my coins is 644, 805 which corresponds to 9d 6c5 in Hex. Once you find it the Snoopy bucks/dollars is just before it. Mine was 12, which is c. I changed my Snoopy dollars which is 12 to 5000, in Hex it is c to 1388.
5. Replace the player_data.dat.

This should give you 5000SD.

I copied this from my previous posts...good luck, Please go baack and read through the posts again, everything you need is there.
lsb101 10 yr ago x
lsb101 10 yr ago x
Can i just send you the file? Coz i keep getting it wrong
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
1. what device are you using?
2. open your game, write down your coins and CLOSE THE APP COMPLETELY.
3. Send me your player_data.dat file
Lsb101 10 yr ago x
So i shouldnt play snoopys fair till you give the file back to me? Get me at least 5000 or more SD. BTW your fair is awesome
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
I can do it now if you send it now. Will take less then 5 minutes. Cant wait much longer. I am busy.
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Done, you have 25 thousand SD now.
moochie 10 yr ago x
i need more snoopy dollars :( I cant do the hex thing. anyone wants trading cards? ill exchange it for dollars to those who hacked it :) pleaseee 4MZxP8
moochie 10 yr ago x
or just swing, trampoline, any woodstock items. i need XP, take so long to upgradeee :( im quite excited to buy the stuffs.
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Hi moochie..why cant you do the hack with the hex editor?
I have helped and done it for many.
What device do you use?
lsb101 10 yr ago x
Thanks. Did you send the file back to me already? I am so grateful. You are kind. Someone should give you a reward.
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Lsb- sent 10 hrs ago, enjoy.
lsb101 10 yr ago x
Wow. An extreme amount of Snoopy dollars
tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
To all that have used the HACK to get SNOOPY DOLLARS, rock on! There should be an update out soon(within a couple days)
To those that tried the Ge CHEAT, sorry..It's not worth it.
My work here is done.
I'm glad I could help most of you. The HACK may not work after the update as we have seen in the past but rest assured, with 25 thousand SNOOPY DOLLARS you won't need to do it again! LOL
It's been a pleasure helping you all.
Off to other games now :-)
moochie 10 yr ago x
im using itouch, and it's not updated. thank you for the stuffs btw :)
Abbthemadme  10 yr ago x
Firstly I would like to thank Tattooedtwin for all the help she has given, not just to me but to the others ,and I'm guessing they all want to thank you as well,
The update is out now ,so would be intesting to see if anyone can still do this to the game and to what affect it has on our games that have had it done already,thanks again TT,
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Thanks Abb :-). I had to post The new update has had no effect whatsoever on my SD! Still over 25 thousand! I too am interested to know if it still works, I will be watching the forums.
Im glad I could help people like you! So worth it!
I like the update although an expansion would have been nice, lol.
Abbthemadme  10 yr ago x
Yes done all mine as well, I have a spare iPhone 4 which I was going to jailbreak, so what I might do is see if it still works b4 I jailbreak , will let you know when and keep you updated ( hope you like your gift ) don't you just love snoopy going around collecting out hard earned cash and xp lol
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Abb- It still works. I said I wasnt going to do it anymore but I had to try..I ended up doing 3 seperate friends player data dat files :-). Seriously though, Im done..
CutiePie199 10 yr ago x
Hey Tattooedtwiin:) Could u send me 9,999 SD? thanks:)) i love you!
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Cutie- all the directions for the hack are posted. Give it a try. :-)
lsb101 10 yr ago x
When you sent the file back to me, It wasn't 25000 SD. IT WAS 2MILLION plus SD.
but i got bored so i reset my game.
After that,I already knew how to do the SD CHEAT. So i started with 1 billion coins and 5 million SD. :)
Tattooedtwiin 10 yr ago x
Lsb hehehehe have fun!
Lsb101 10 yr ago x
Thanks TT
OmgpopKh _ 10 yr ago x
Hi... I love your comments
I've been reading all of them
Snoopys street fair is my favorte game
Anyway please add me
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OMGKh 10 yr ago x
Hi... You all r awesome
Please add me
My referral code:GHnpJs
If you do please send me kite eating treee, beehive, swing, and fire hydrent thanks
OMGKh 10 yr ago x
If you guys or girls give me your referral code i'll add you
OMGKh 10 yr ago x
Hey Tattooedtwiin plese send me your referral code heres mine GHnpJs please add me and send gifts i only started 1 week ago
snoop dog 10 yr ago x
invite me GttNYw send me stuff plz im snoopy buck poor
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