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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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mommy snoop 10 yr ago x
GcCWCBj neeeed gifts plzzz
snoop dog 10 yr ago x
hey HOTVANILLA thanks for the gifts from todderdbh and fish 75 71 thank you thank you. where did you get all the snoopy bucks
HV 10 yr ago x
Snoopdog your welcome,enjoy them!!
followed tattooed directions ,you should give them a try!!
Keri0072 10 yr ago x
Add me my reffreal code GBgrytd
Dada 10 yr ago x
Diskaid can t find my apps. What can i do??
Just me 10 yr ago x
Dada.....You need to open diskaid, then go to Diskaid>Preferences> Viewing and make sure all the boxes are checked, then go to Diskaid>Preferences> Advanced and make sure they are checked there as well...Apply then close, all your apps will then appear
saz 10 yr ago x
how do I find all those easter eggs Ive been trying for weeks now its doin mi ead in!!!!
anna 10 yr ago x
@ttwiin why dont i see the snoopystreetfair when i open apps @diskaid? help please
anna 10 yr ago x
@justme thanks. found it
Omgkh 10 yr ago x
Hey tattooedtwiin and norealer please add me and i will add you and try to send gifts if you do add me please send me dollar gift thanks
Popgalaxy 10 yr ago x
I need more friends! Add me!

Popgalaxy 10 yr ago x
My referral code is:
Omgkh  10 yr ago x
If you give me your refreal code i will add you
Omgkh 10 yr ago x
Please give me a gift any please i will return the favor i need more friends please
MARC WHITE 10 yr ago x
Please add me!!:) snoopy friends. I need friends and I will be a really nice friend back!!!;)
Guest 10 yr ago x
Please add my snoopy streetfair referral code to add me as a friend: 7NxKhD
MARC WHITE 10 yr ago x
I want to thank each of you for all of the gifts and please continue to send them so I can level up. I am old so I can't figure out the hack and am using iPad. So all gifts are truly appreciated. I try to gift often myself to everyone that I can. Again, thanks everyone.

Referral code: 8YJN6LNT3
Game center: MARC WHITE
Omgkh 10 yr ago x
Give me a bee hive, swing set, kite eating tree or anything i will return the favor i need friend and gifts
Referal code:GHnpJs
Game center: omgpopkh
justabb 10 yr ago x
Hi all.just to let a certain someone know,that it still works ive just tryed it again, :)
mommy snoop 10 yr ago x
hey tattooedtwiin, I'm having the same problem that Abbthemad was having with finding my coins in Hex editor. I have 644,803 coins = 9d6c3, but can't locate it. Is their any way you can help?
itsmeeeeeee 10 yr ago x
please add me my code is 8YJrKq4MR. i would love gifts!
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
mom snoop..make sure you close the app immediately after writing down the coins and looking in diskaid or a pattern wont be found.
Justabb very cool :-)
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
Omgkh/ the Beeline forum has a thread dedicated to those looking for friends. Look there.
Sarah 10 yr ago x
How to level up quickly people?? I'm at level 25 and literally stuck.
Chanchan 10 yr ago x
Im generous at giving gifts and trading cards. Anyone who's willing to share gifts like beehive or anything tht cost snoopy dollars? Please help i dont cant do the hex thing in my itouch... Add me :) game center: Ghie Chan
referral code: 4MZxP8
Marzipanblume 10 yr ago x
My refferal Code is
Will you add me in snoopys fair?
Omgkh 10 yr ago x
I NEED friends!!! Will you please add me???
Referral code: GHnpJs
Game center: OMGPOPKh

Oh and Ttwiin i have no idea what you just said
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
Omgkh- Im sorry you didnt understand my post. You want friends so I suggested you go to the BEELINE website and look for the thread that is for adding/people looking for friends.
You will find lots there!!
Good luck. Hope that clarifies it for you.
OmgKh 10 yr ago x
Thank you so much Ttwiin. I know what you are saying. If you have snoopy's street fair mabey we can be friends
ChocoholicDJ 10 yr ago x
Add me people!!
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