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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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ChocoholicDJ 11 yr ago x
Add me people!! I need friends :))) n I'll trade cards & help!
rusz 11 yr ago x
Please add me and send me gift my game name I dont know where can i find that?
rusz 11 yr ago x
Please add me and please send me Gifts.

Thank you so much in advance.

Mykee29 11 yr ago x
Hi tattoedtwin!
Please help me in my snoopy fair.. By sending me a gift that i may add in my street fair w/c I don't have yet. love your street fair! Thank u!!
Tattooedtwiin 11 yr ago x
@Mykee. Sent 3 premium gifts, enjoy.
MARC WHITE 11 yr ago x
Hi tattooedtwin! I would like to thank you so much for helping me on my fair so far and always exchanging cards with me! I agree with Mykee29 that your fair looks really good. The best I've seen actually. Can you send me a couple of really cool gifts too. My fair is Cindy clark white Barton underneath Facebook! I have to use my sons account for game center because I'm too old to understand how to make an account of my own!! I would also like to Thank everybody for always helping me!! Y'all are great neighbors!!:)
Mykee29 11 yr ago x
@tattoedtwin got your . You really have a good ! Thank you very much 
rusz 11 yr ago x
@tattooedwtwiin Thank you for trading your baseball trading card, I completed the quest. :)

Is it ok to as if you can send me premium gift?

One quick question as well, if i found the code like my gold is 644, 805 which is 9d 6c5 in Hex and then my snoopy dollars is 12 which is c. I can see so many c on the hex and I don't know which one to change, 2nd is that how do I change that? I got the hex for 5000 which is 1388, where should I place this?

Thank you so much for all your help
TTwiin 11 yr ago x
@Mykee29, thank you and you're welcome :-)
@Cindy-I know your fair :-) You will be next on my "send" list..It's going to be a few hours though, Beelines rules, not mine.
@rusz, I'm not sure your fair name. I will look again though. If your coins came up 9d6c5 then you should be looking for 09 d6 c5 in HEX. the pattern before it is the SD. Good luck.
I will be off the forums for a while, Happy playing ;-)
Ttwiin 11 yr ago x
@Cindy..disnt I already send you several premium gifts? I think a kite tree, half pipe and high dive if I remember right...
MARC WHITE 11 yr ago x
@tattooedtwin thank you very much!! Whenever you can help me is so appreciated!! You are an excellent friend! @dsizzle thanks also for the help and everybody who has traded cards with me! I have no dollars or I would buy each of you a gift!!!!:) Thanks everybody!!!
MARC WHITE 11 yr ago x
@tattooedtwin, my son also plays snoopy! It must of went to his fair!:( but thanks for trying for me!
MARC WHITE 11 yr ago x
@tattooedtwin, I have received those gifts but they were from @dsizzle!! My code is 8YJN6LNT3
Ttwiin 11 yr ago x
Cindy-sent to fair with your name...sorry. Will try again but I see the items in the fair with your name..what would you like?
MARC WHITE 11 yr ago x
@tattooedtwin a kite tree again! I need stuff to get lots of xp so I can level up and get dollars! Thanks for your help!! I with a new update could come out so I could repay, but I always try to send gifts of xp to you!! Even though you can't use it! Sry!!
Ttwiin 11 yr ago x
Your fair is Cindy and youre at level 21 right?
MARC WHITE  11 yr ago x
@tattooedtwin that is me!! Thanks so much for all of the xp!! Your wonderful!!
MARC WHITE  11 yr ago x
@tattooedtwin thanks so much for the gifts and xp! I don't know if you play other games but I am trying to friend you on gc to see if I can help you on any other games!! You have helped me so much, thought I might be able to return the favor.
rusz 11 yr ago x
Hi Tattooedtwiin My snoopy fair name is Russell Regala I think, :) thank you so much for your wonderful help I'll try to check if I can make wonders on my snoopy dollars.

Thank you again for the tip :)
Ttwiin 11 yr ago x
@rusz- gifts sent. Good luck with the hack.
rusz 11 yr ago x
@ Tattooedtwiin Thank you for sending me gifts!
rusz 11 yr ago x
@ Tattooedtwiin Hi, I wanted to say thank you once again and is it ok to as since my wife is also playing snoopy street fair and asking me if you can send her premium gift as well? Thank you in advance, Her street fair name is Tin Guiam.

Thank you thank you!
rusz 11 yr ago x
She already added you as her friend :) thank you once again. sorry for the trouble that this might have cause you!
tanyfa 11 yr ago x
Please add me I need friends, I always try to return all gifts!! My referral code is GzVpWsw
Abbie 11 yr ago x
Hi TT, I hear there is a new update soon, I will try it out once it is released,and let you know the out come :)
To take a bit of pressure off, please leave your referral code and what you would like, :)
Ttwiin 11 yr ago x
The update should go live today.
rusz 11 yr ago x
Thank you for sending us premium gifts ttwiin. me and my wife are so grateful to be your friend :)
Omgkh 11 yr ago x
I need a high dive, a tree, all of the water things and a see saw please
Omgkh 11 yr ago x
Hey Ttwiin can you send me a gift thx
MARC WHITE  11 yr ago x
@tattooedtwiin I agree with rusz! Thank you so much for the gifts! I am grateful to have you as a friend!!
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