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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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Keenly 10 yr ago x
I am looking for new friends that can send detective sets...4McZc2 :0)
Tanyfa 10 yr ago x
@tattooedwtwiin Thank you for all your gifts, I dont have cash but I will try to give you xp and costum sets back!! I am really greatful, it has been the best feeling to receive your gifts since I am playing this game ;) XOXO
gemgem 10 yr ago x
can someone tell a cheat?
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
@gemgem... Tell a cheat what?
If youre referring to the hack, if you send your UDID to Beeline and it shows 25K snoopy dollars then ya.....
Or enter a contest with a pic of your screen showing 25K snoopy dollars you arent gonna win.
Other then that, they arent out looking for you, lol.
GemGem 10 yr ago x
@tatooedtwiin Thanks For Gifting Me ;)) !! I'llGive You Back!! Thnks!!
MARC WHITE  10 yr ago x
@tattooedtwiin You have the most beautiful fair! I have lots of friends at level 38 and 39, but none looks as awesome as your fair. If I had a computer, I would vote for you. It is so much fun going to your fair.
Omgkh 10 yr ago x
@Ttwiin please be my friend and send me gifts. I read all of the comments and you seam to be only friends woth them. I get upset please be friends with me???????
GemGem 10 yr ago x
Ds-Hope this helps, The file isn't where it was before..please read below:

1. Attached your device to your PC and open Diskaid.
2. Go to Apps>Snoopy's Fair>Documents. There you will find the file player_data.dat, right click it and copy to PC. Put it on your desktop.
3. Open Hex Editor and drag the data.dat file (player_data.dat) from your Desktop into it.
4. Find your coins, as for me my coins is 644, 805 which corresponds to 9d 6c5 in Hex. Once you find it the Snoopy bucks/dollars is just before it. Mine was 12, which is c. I changed my Snoopy dollars which is 12 to 5000, in Hex it is c to 1388.
5. Replace the player_data.dat.

This should give you 5000SD. My Cousin Send Me This.But She Dont Wanna Do The Hack . But I Want It!! Ugh.I Dont Know How To Do.Cuz Im Only 11 Years Old!! Lol.
AwesomeSnoopy 10 yr ago x
I got to do it. I'm only twelve!
Hbsbanbab 10 yr ago x
Someone send me lots of gifts plz! My tag is 8Yp72FCjr
hbsbanbab 10 yr ago x
how do u get snoopy street fair onto diskaid
jazick09 10 yr ago x
Does the hack still work? I just started playing this last week and I found this forum today.
Juicyed 10 yr ago x
Add my code for snoopy game 7tcHKP

Thank u ;)
Juicyed 10 yr ago x
Pls send me gifts plss :( I'm really into this game but I'm not old enough to but the snoopy dollars. Pls add me up.. My code is above this post. Thank u
angiepoo 10 yr ago x
@Tattooedtwiin- Thank u so much for posting all these useful tips! but it doesn't seem to work on the new version? I just downloaded version 1.3.0, and the player_data.dat file doesn't hav my hex :s hav they moved it again?
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
It still works.
Omgkh 10 yr ago x
I need gifts
AAG 10 yr ago x
need friends RC: GzHkWB2
tsurekeshi 10 yr ago x
add me on snoopy

and I tried playing with the date. It doesnt work.haha.
I losst some of my progress and went back to 0% of my current level.
mintybaby100 10 yr ago x
Add me on Snoopy Street Fair

Game Center-- mintybaby100

:) thanks
karuhluhhhhh 10 yr ago x
Add me for Snoopy's Fair :)

GameCenter: karuhluh
mintybaby100 10 yr ago x
I'm in a race with a friend who can get the most gifts from friends she's in the lead right now and she always wins at these kind of things. So if you can help me out!

Game Center: mintybaby100

Thanks :)
karuhluhhhhh 10 yr ago x
Need friends for Snoopy's Street Fair :)

Referral code: Gz8sbdZ
GameCenter: karuhluh

Thanks! :)
cherry7z 10 yr ago x
add me!

Referral code: G7my6sV
Game center: Cherryland
t-t-t-tina 10 yr ago x
I have been trying to do this hack/cheat/whatever for like 2 hours! I can't find my hex code in the player data file. At first I thought it was because my coin amount was changing so I closed the app COMPLETELY and re-saved my files and no luck. Help?? I'm good with computers, this is so frustrating.
t-t-t-tina 10 yr ago x
Okay, so. I was able to find my SD hex code. I replaced the number with the 1388 for the 5,000 SD but THEN. When I started the game, I got a message saying my file was corrupted and asked to pick a time to restore my game to. Is this because I have the latest update? Is it possible to delete the backups I have?
Dave789 10 yr ago x
I followed the how to add dollars instruction and now I know how to change dollars and coins, etc to whatever amount I need! Thanks!
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
TttTina....If the coins change to a 5 or 7 digit string in the decimal converter then add a zero at the beginning. You should always be looking for an even digit code. xx xx xx xx In the hex editor No idea if it works after the latest update.
Ttwiin.  10 yr ago x
tttTina...maybe you should try again, we haven't seen that message before...but after the last update it's hard to say. Also be warned that players with high SD cannot send premium gifts to friends unless you can prove to Beeline you paid for them thru ITunes.
Jennifer 10 yr ago x
Add me (: game center : hellakittys
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