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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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Celiney 10 yr ago x
And how do you find the Japanese version of snoopys street fair?
Mitch 10 yr ago x
Pls add me, my referral code G7Fr2qb
celiney 10 yr ago x
i have diskaid but when i plug my ipad in it only shows 5 apps and none of them are snoopys street fair.... :(
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
Celiney- I posted weeks ago how to find your fair, read back through the posts. You have to change the settings
Jack skellington 10 yr ago x
Add me snippy fair I trade card and sometimes Xp gifts I need some money items plz help!plz send me gifts tattooed twiin and any one else or just add me
Jack skellington 10 yr ago x
My referral code is cYr9NV
Game center is bess.jax plz add me
spuk 10 yr ago x
GcKPdY3 trading cards pls. add me ;-)
Jack skellington 10 yr ago x
Tattoed twin can u send me some premium gifts plz
Tywiin 10 yr ago x
Sorry. My premium gift giving function has been disabled.
Jack skellington 10 yr ago x
When will it be back
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
I dont know if it ever will, sorry.
Do the hack :)
gia 10 yr ago x
Please... Does anyone know how have the japanese version? I searching but I haven't found it.... please somebody helps me
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
Set up a itunes account using no credit card under a different email then your regular itunes acct ( youtube has instructions) its easy. I play both versions on my ipad.
chadwick 10 yr ago x
hey guys, id really appreciate it if u can add me and send me something? or directions to hack this game... been playing for so long and I'm almost over it! help a brother out :) thanks in advanced
chadwick 10 yr ago x
durr forgot to put my reveal code in.. its Gzdnr2x
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
Why is everyone aaking about the hack directions? Ive posted them in the dorum...answered all the questions and still give me something is all I read. Im done.
udang 10 yr ago x
hi all, add me on snoppy's street fair:
Gc8RtXK <---this is my code

jessica 10 yr ago x
hey, i have been reading the forum, and thank you for everything you have done to help!
but a quick question, i have downloaded disk aid and Hex editor, but when i go into disk aid> apps my snoopys fair wont show up, and niether will most of my other apps...
what should i do?
ps: my referral code is8Yp7rXJD8
?umad? 10 yr ago x
Wow girl just said she's done but people still asking about the hack
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
Jessica..its there but you have to go into your settings.. Read back thru, I talked about it to a user names April. Email me if you dont see it
Mykee29 10 yr ago x
just wanna ask if the hack is still works after the new update? TYVM
jessica 10 yr ago x
what is the best hex amount to edit in for coins and snoopy dollars?
i have finally found them in the hex editor!
?umad? 10 yr ago x
just wanted to ask who is in level 46 because i need to see how other people fairs look like i'm level 46 lol @@
jessica 10 yr ago x
sorry, do i need to sync my ipod with itunes before the SD appear?
mandhytaa 10 yr ago x
hey tattooedtwin i wanna say thank you very very much, your suggestion to hack snoopy dollars works like charm! i'm enjoying the game very much. i can even add coins too :D
will this cheats works on smurf village or any other games too? is it the same thing, what i have to edit?

oh everyone add my fair
referral code: HNTdjD

thank you!
?umad? 10 yr ago x
hi guys is it fun to have cheats why don't we play the game properly no cheats and think about the creators of the game please stop hacking
bgal 10 yr ago x
snoopy fair more dollars

Help! I am doing the file transfer to the hex program but my file doesnot look right. I can't find any combos of numbers to find my coins. I have opened the player.dat file and then a player file that is on level 7. Apparently it has any files
Of the saved games. So the question is which file should I use? I've also opened the cap. file. When I enter my find info ( hex) it scrolls way down to never neverland and it just doesn't look right. Help please and you guys rock! thanks
bgal 10 yr ago x
Hey?umad? quit being a party pooper and just let us have fun without breaking the bank. Some of us play games to keep our minds off of the craziness that's out there. Some of us have health issues so don't be judging! Enjoy all games and be happy! Btw I have payed a question about my issue with my data file not looking right in the hex etc etc. dont know what to do tried to open dat files and cap. Com files but it is not finding any of my combos. Should I reset the entire game delete all saved games. Play one time. Then do file transfers? Thanks and you guys rock!! So smart!!
bgal 10 yr ago x
Forgot to mention. I'm doing this on my iPad. Not the new one( whatever model) will be hooking everything back up to give it another 4 hours. I shall defeat the matrix hex!!! Btw I wagon level 26 and didn't pick up my stuff fast enough and it crashed!! That's why I am doing this and miss playing at that level. Thanks
bgal 10 yr ago x
Ha ha. I should spellcheck. I meant "was on". Ha
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