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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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?mad? 10 yr ago x
Please stop by best friend works at beeline.He says that a lot of people are hacking their games and it is very Hard to make please think about the creators. Thank you for reading
Twiins Rock 10 yr ago x
?mad....HAHAHA Beeline is not hurting for money. SSF just has passedthe 5 million app download. Give it a rest. Stay off the hack site if you dont like them.
meabbthemad 10 yr ago x
Hi TT,
haha always one, tt,hows it going are you keeping well ? ive not been about for a while and have got peeps wanting more $$$ is it still working after this newest update ???? then if so i can get to work lol let me know please
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
Abb! Good to hear from you. No idea if it still works. I havked for 2 million coins last time. lol. I have also been playing the Japan version. Email me if you want. :)
ratch 10 yr ago x
TTwiin, cant seem to find my pattern. i dont know if the beeline made it impossible to hack Snoopy fair now or i just made the wrong hex combination. the problem is the money in SF is very unstable. every second, it increases. So i dont know how. 259,327 thats my current coin value. well, it was the last time i checked. right before i closed my snoopy fair, that was the coin value. I'll attached here my player_Data.dat file. Hope to hear from you soon!
ratch 10 yr ago x
TTwiin. Nevermind. I finally did it. My mistake was when I was trying to find the pattern, i forgot to change the type to "HEX" haha. thanks!
micmacaroni 10 yr ago x
add me please! my code is 8YpHZTzYM
ld 10 yr ago x
00 00 28 97 06 01 0a 14 ..
ok so, 2897 is my coins in hex. i just have no clue where I would enter my snoopy dollars? gahh help!?
Dedo 10 yr ago x
How can i hack snoopy's street fair ????
Please help me
Ana add ,,
My code is : GcwRv8z
Dedo 10 yr ago x
Please send me gift !!!
Trevorh123 10 yr ago x
Add me on snoopy's street fair my referral code is: Gc67crx
Trevorh123 10 yr ago x
Add me
MC 10 yr ago x
Does anyone know if the hack still works?
z3r0cool 10 yr ago x
I've use the IAP Cack and had send a premium item to a friend. Now I no longer am able to send anymore premium item, is there anyway to undo it?

Thank you.
z3r0 10 yr ago x
Hi people,

In order to send SD gifts to my friends, I am not supposed to have a huge amount of SD. Does anyone knows how much is consider too much to trigger the safety feature?

Thank you.
Jack sellington lover 10 yr ago x
Tattooed twin send me expensive gift in snoppy street fair my name is bessjax
Jack sellington lover 10 yr ago x
sushi 10 yr ago x
can anyone help me... i want loads of snoopy dollars... but dont know what to do...
anna 10 yr ago x
hi. is the hack works on japanese fair?
and may i know your code to J- fair, if u don't mind? :) thanks!
Ttwin 10 yr ago x
It works on the J fair last time we did it :) code is the same as US fair. Enjoy.
anna 10 yr ago x
weee~ will do it tonight. thanks much Ttwin :D
anna 10 yr ago x
@Ttwin, thanks for the premium gifts :) love it! :)
mc  10 yr ago x
I tried to get the player.dat file and nothing was on it. Am i doing something wrong?
I can't view my friends fairs because a window keeps popping up saying "not enough memory to view friends fair" I've tried to erase things but i cant seem to get it to work. Any solutions?
Nyny 10 yr ago x
8YJNPBpqg my referral code pleeeeease add me !
Crack 10 yr ago x
Using cydia and cracked game. Lost garden items in update tho
Chin 10 yr ago x
How to earn dollars? Pls help. And add me too thankyou
krissy_punk 10 yr ago x
I will help anyone who wants bucks and money. I hack all my games really using jailbreak, and transfer them to my non jailbroken ipad. So i can email my save game at level one or 7 (I dont play often). I can also give a tutorial for anyone who wants it... it is very simple to hack games with non jailbroken devices. reply if interested :)
Beta 10 yr ago x
@Ttwiin, rgdem, and marielove. Thanks for all your chat. I've never done a hack before and plan to try this one sometime this week. I I get it I'll post and let everyone know it still works and try to help anyone who's having trouble. (I like the pay-it-forward idea!!). Keep your fingers crossed!!
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
Good luck Beta. :)
Beta 10 yr ago x
Ttwiin, that was awesome!! And so Easy!! (Once i figured out the "hex" thing that "Ratch" also struggled with :-D). 25k snoopy dollars!! I'd love to see you fairs and send a thank you gift. Let me know if you're interested in friending.
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