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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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Beebgun 10 yr ago x
My I'd thingy is be3bgun, can some of u guys add me, in desperate need of some mates *hurkle hurkle* (•-•)
Beebgun 10 yr ago x
Oh that is for snoopy fair by the way and any GD cheats going "wink wink nudge nudge"
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
Email me your I dont have my fairs on my phone anymore and I cant remember my RC right now. Would love to be friends Beta. Good job.
Jessica 10 yr ago x
Hey, i think i am doing something srong coz i have tried to hack the SD and coins, but it doesnt work- and then sometimes when i go into the garden, i randomly get 4 thousand million coins, but still no SD... Any ideas???
Jessica 10 yr ago x
Oh and this has happened maybe 4\5 times
Jack sellington lover 10 yr ago x
Ttwin send me a premium christmas gift if you can and anyone else to thxs I really want one my name is bessjax I am already your friend I sent you a gift though about 2-3 min ago and I am going to probably email you too
Ttwin 10 yr ago x
If youve read the posts you will know that I cannot send premium gifts on the US version anymore. Its been blocked for people with high snoopy dollars.
Buntully 10 yr ago x
Hey tattoedtwiiin plz help I can't find my snoopy dollars in the hex editor plz tell me hw to do it or I could send you the file plz help :(
Ttwiin 10 yr ago x
Im done with changing SD for people. The mail I get is inconsiderate and rude. A thank you would have been nice. And GIVE ME is not the way to ask. The directions are posted. All email to Twiin will be deleted.
CC 10 yr ago x
does anyone know if the hack still works?
Secretlyconfused 10 yr ago x
I'm still confused on how to do this
Tigger85 10 yr ago x
Referral Code: GBTpFmRt

Would anyone be willing to donate me any money? I have jailbroken my iPad, followed different directions/ tutorials in getting free cash on the game (or some of my other games) and each time I click on the cash, it kicks me out of the game. Right now I have Snoopy Street Fair with the Valentine's update. Any suggestions or donations?
Osh 10 yr ago x
Jjhon, help. I also want that option back. Thanks
V 10 yr ago x
Jjohn, i also want that option back. Tnx
yihwern 10 yr ago x
how to find the coin ?
bee3343 10 yr ago x
how do u find the coin total or sd total? I cnt find it on the hex editor help plzzzzzzzzzzz anyone
LiciLicious82 10 yr ago x
I have 5 snoopy dollars but every rum I try n retrieve them it says I need an account 1st to get them. WTH account do I need??? I already made a Game Center acct., a Facebook acct., Apple ID acct., iCloud acct., super cheats acct, what am I missing???? Plz hellllllpppp!!!!!!!
Fruits 10 yr ago x
@ttwin @tattooedtwin
I just got back here after not getting a reply from you via email, and just read that all emails will be deleted ><" glad i remembered the site and got back.

You have helped me way back in 2012 and im so thankful, i just wanted to know if you could help me in another game :) if you reply here ill be back hopefully to read it. But hope you agree we later discuss stuff via email :D

Roses xx
Pandoraaaa 10 yr ago x
I can't find my snoopy dollars!!! >:/
I've tried this before but now I can't find it... Is it cos my snoopy coins is like.. 2442571K with the K behind making my money inaccurate? I don't knowww! Someone tell me how... I've searched back and forth for the hex... T.T
Ize 9 yr ago x
Help hacking
duan 9 yr ago x
Hey, any new hack for snoopy fair? That needs no jb nor lots of survey? Thanks in advance :)
vince 8 yr ago x
add me 8YJ3pxsYd
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