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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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Ange 11 yr ago x
Add me on snoopy!
Apparently my name is just. Andrea
W-Tian2328 11 yr ago x
I know a way to buy coin/cash packs for free u just need a jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod. After that u go to Cydia->sources->edit->then add this source>search for iAP Cracker->install it->then launch Snoopy's street fair->then go buy a coin/cash pack, it's free and it doesn't ask for your iTunes account!!! Enjoy ;)

P.s it works on other games too!!!
W-Tian2328 11 yr ago x
And you can buy as many packs as you can on any games ;)
Samcook1 11 yr ago x
I have 13 friends on Gc so far for Snoopy Fair but only 12 of the fairs are showing up when I go to visit them. Any ideas why? I've tried switching off my device but nothing happens. Thanks
Terry_cz 11 yr ago x
Hi, I need some friends in the game, my GCid should be


Thanks :)
Velma_ 11 yr ago x
Add me : velma_
Paulis 11 yr ago x
Hi! Some help needed, i havent found any friends for my fair. I go through Visit your friends faris, and then Add friends, but when i select Game center, a message says "0 friends added". What should I do?
Gegeebuka 11 yr ago x
Paulis you first need friends on games center and u need to be loged in games center and when u enter the game u have to see you profile name thanks you that's all
Kaitlyn 11 yr ago x
I need friends for snoopys street fair

Game center- littlemonster4414
Tee 11 yr ago x
NeeD snoopy friends please
Shizzle98 11 yr ago x
heyyy i kept changing the time and collecting the coins but it said on my ipod that if i keep changing the time my data will corrupt what do i do?

Btw how do u get cards ???
Im finding it hard =(
Shizzle98 11 yr ago x
Im desperate to know more cheats people. I cant get more cash i need more instead of buying em. How tho?

Liam 11 yr ago x
4HZLPT add me for referral
AMB89 11 yr ago x
Need some friends.


Add: uhmanduhxo
Leeedog 11 yr ago x
Add me: Leeedog
Mae 11 yr ago x
try messing with ur clock for example when your clock is set to 1:00 make it more advance lile turning it to 1:30 and then go to your main menu then push the play button it works all the time.. try it
Devlar08 11 yr ago x
Hi guys, i need freinds on snoopys street fair!!

Game center: Devlar08
Melxxger 11 yr ago x
Add me on gamecanter melxxger
Jade 11 yr ago x
I need friends on snoopy street fair!! Add me!

Game center-maquade
Mc 11 yr ago x
I need friends also.please add me .. My referral code is G7wYj8q and usname is milca_carlos on gc..thanks
Gegeebuka 11 yr ago x
Hi guys I see that most of u are having trouble with the clock hack so I will try to say it better

Now u need to have at least 12 or 10 stores for u to have a lot of money and snoopy bucks so u first collect all the money and do no live any money left over or the game will feel suspitus if u do this hack. After this u will go to >settings>general>date and time>and change the time. When u are changing the time make sure that when u get to 11 pm u have to change it to 11:59 and wait on minute. This helped me because in one day reached level 15 from level 1 this is. Wry easy if u follow this instruction
Gegeebukq 11 yr ago x
If u have a jaIlbroken iPod u can download a cydia app called IAP cracker u can watch a YouTube video on how to download this

My game center name is: ebuka91
Shizzle98 11 yr ago x
Thanks guys gee it does help
:) although is there another cheat because it seems like all we r talking bout is the time changing thingyy please reply

Much appreciated,,
Shizzle98 11 yr ago x
Btw im on level 22. are any of u online?? only have one friend and apparently thats myself . I have tried to tell my friend ta add me but never worked. whats the problem? is it the game center?

{Please reply Thankss again
evol 11 yr ago x
pls add me in game center, evol909
Stan3stan3 11 yr ago x
Please add me also
Game center ID
Gegeebuka 11 yr ago x
Yea there is another hack for snoopys fair but u need to say this code in your chat if u want me to tell u
and shizzle u have to first login to snoopys fair
Samcook1 11 yr ago x
Hi all

I have to say I'm very disappointed with some other players. I have requested a number of new friends through GC since I started playing the game and they have been accepted but few if any of them are returning the gifts I send or are willing to swap cards which I thought was the point of requesting friends.
I never request a card they only have one of and quite a few of the players have multiples of lots of cards so being offered another of one they already have in order to help another player finish their collection and therefore a task doesn't seem a hardship to me. It is very disappointing their isn't more camaraderie between the players on this game like on other games😥.
Melody 11 yr ago x
Add me!! Game Center: Melody79
Shizzle98 11 yr ago x
ahhkay peeps ill add alll of ya oh and Gegeebuka ill restart ma snoopys fair thingy okayyy it doesnt seem ta work.

Thanks so much
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