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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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andyThfc 12 yr ago x
Will people add me please... Andythfc82
Shizzle98 12 yr ago x
level 23 now and the time thing is awesome but how do i get the cash free cash not the coins from the stall the snoopy cash u r meant to buy.. i really need emmm Please help and tell thanks
Coco99 12 yr ago x
Shizzle98 Your awesome! How do you get to level 23 that fast?

Add me pleasee! Im new
Shizzle98 12 yr ago x
thats wierd ur name is coco 99 and mine is shizzle 98 teheh ohhh

Anyways thank you

well maybe its because ur not used to the game and u just started the game.

Try changing the time forward a couple of hours or to 11:59pm and then check if the coins are above all ur stores then change it back but do not collect the coins when the time is wrong : 11:59pm

U MUST change it back to the normal time. Kay??

Thanks again for the lovely comment =)
Coco99 12 yr ago x
Ok thanks ill give it a go.
Anyways im having trouble adding friends.

What the problem?
Juust finding it difficult
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Jail broken ipod is the answer
Shizzle98 12 yr ago x
more info plz
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Shizzle 98 please do not use my idea telling people about my cheat with saying that a ggebuka told u and there is another hack that u can do for snoopy fair that will get u heaps and heaps of snoopy bucks!!!!
And shizzle 98 we are still friends:)
gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
hi guys i have a tip for newbies to tha game at first u need to get some stores and line the same store so u can get more money do this on one path and do not forget to to change the time this will make it more easy for u to level up and get more money
admins 12 yr ago x
@Shizzle98, Coco99, Gegeebuka . We won't remove the comments above, but stop talking to yourself. :)
Gegebuka 12 yr ago x
Admin I'm very sorry for any thing that i did but can I still give people tips and cheats
admins 12 yr ago x
@Gegebuka sure, no problem.
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Thank up admin
Every one u should try to get alot of stores and put them all over ur fair this will get I alot of money when I use the cheat
Witch 12 yr ago x
Add me. serra_witch
J^ay#a9 12 yr ago x
Add me j^ay#a9
Mykee29 12 yr ago x
Hi! I need friends, my GC is mykee29 pls add. Ty
SNOPPY 12 yr ago x
I want a cheat a hack something pleease!!!!! I want more snoopy dollars!!!!! :((((((--
Guest 12 yr ago x
Can anyone add me? gc id ayuchester
ish08 12 yr ago x
hi i wanna know if how to add more snoopy cash without buying them thank you
Jj78 12 yr ago x
I need hack
Dido 12 yr ago x
Please add me
My referral code is
cheese 12 yr ago x
i need more friends add me: ehill24
Domo 12 yr ago x
Ummm to @gegeebuka I tried that but when I put it back to my real time it says 15 hours at the snack kart last time it was 45 seconds what happened????? How could I fix it???
Tattooedtwin 12 yr ago x
With all due respect to Gegeebuka-you are not "hacking" anthing, you are just using the clock as a cheat tool. To hack SD (snoopy dollars) you need: iPhone file browser (I used Diskaid, download here,
Hex Editor (I used Hex Editor Neo, download here,
Decimal to Binary convertor (
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Tattooedtwin thank u for that :-P ther is another hack but u will need a jailbroken ipod or iphone etc u can go on youtube and find out how to jailnreak ur device but if u already have a jailbroken ipod u can download this cydia app called IAP cracker check this IAP craker on youtube Thanks

U can add me on games center

Game center ID : ebuka91
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Domo this has happend to me all u need to do is put the time one more hour and check on ur store see if the time has gone down hope this works fingers crossed :-)
Tattooedtwin 12 yr ago x
Gegeebuka- thanks but I do just fine without jailbreaking my devices. Request was sent to you through Gamecenter, sorry you're not interested in friending/comparing fairs.
Enjoy the game.
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Tattoedtwin sorry if i have not accepted ur friend request my parents take my ipod from me every week and give it to me on weekends so sorry if i can not accept it i have to study for test and ect so i will try to accept ur friend request hope we are not eneimes hope we are friends

hope u enjoy the game :)
Tattooedtwin 12 yr ago x
Gegeebuka- look forward to it. Friends yes :-)
Mkpat123 12 yr ago x
Up to level 30; waiting on the next release!!!
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