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Snoopy's Street Fair iphone free cheats hacks ipad game app

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norealer 12 yr ago x
oh and im 42nyTY referral code for anyone and i give gifts and trade fair!!!!! level 26 no hacks ever not even time ...but man i want to hack dem dollars bad..but i dont want to jailbreak my phone...since i dont know what that will do
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
@norealer...the hack I did/have hasn't worked since the Valentines update ... Sorry. Visit my fair if you want...GBYF2qY
Or add me thru GC: tattooedtwiin.
norealer 12 yr ago x
thanks a tree dude hella that sucks...every time i try a hack and start the game i get a msg saying its a free game but you have to pay for more bucks....thats when i know it didnt work and they somehow blocked me, but thanks alot...i hope we get another working hack one day
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
@norealer..youre welcome...btw, Im a dudette, lol. I try my hack after every update but the developers have added garbage code. I keep trying. Im not jailbreaking my device. I will post again if I ever get it again.
norealer 12 yr ago x thanks better...i bet your' a cutie too ...u are definitely nice and smart so i thank u genuinely..and by all means please
norealer 12 yr ago x
oh and your fair, ridiculous!!! lol yea that other -kid- emphasis on kid..definitely didn't want to see there anything you don't have! if i had just 3 more kid stalls and a few the ha balloons wow...i can only dream for now even though i came close to spending real money i didnt lol...couldnt do it knowing people got 9999 for
norealer 12 yr ago x
ok last thing b4 the admins get mad..r u a twin????
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
@norealer. I'm an old lady who is a twiin ... My twiin is an awesome programmer. If I had been smart I would have added 9999 coins, I did only half that..and given most away. Enjoy.
Never give up, if all else fails jailbreaking is an option for some, just not me.
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
BTW ...norealer...the 24.99 option will get you some good stuff especially when they have sales. It's less then a weeks worth of
norealer 12 yr ago x
wow too sweet my girlfriend is a u should see if your sis wants a pay her you know what draw backs there are for jail breaking?
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
@norealer. I'd say it depends on your device, firmware version etc.. Google and be infomed before making any fast decisions. I would seek help from a person who's done j/b before. Be safe. Good luck to you.
norealer 12 yr ago x
thanks...yea..i probably wont go that route its not that really thanks again
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
@norealer... Forgot to mention that I personally would advise against the CHEAT that some do with adjusting / moving forward the time on your device..It messes up the stalls times and they dont get "right" again without storing them and then placing them again...It's not worth a few coins. XP is what levels you up anyway. Enjoy.
norealer 12 yr ago x
good sense is a good based on what i read about that i didnt do that trick either...but thanks again
juh 12 yr ago x
i'm losing money, does it happen to anyone else??
i had 3 snoopy money and now i only have 1, it's just gone, help!!
norealer 12 yr ago x
what do i give to some one who has everything...tTtwiin...smh...juh i dont know what to tell you...maybe you accidentally hit instant pay out on an item...all i would suggest it to reload an old game or reload the current game by closing the program completely (on a phone u have to double click the bottom button to keep it from running in the background)
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
@norealer... For me...Wish for a opening in the next update, lol. If you're on the ipad they say the hack I did with a dat file name still works...I have an iphone so I dont know. I love a challenge so Im not going to sto trying. I stated before though, Beeline watches rhese forums too so they know what to do to block us.. Play on..enjoy
norealer 12 yr ago x
well that bites....i have 10 bucks...level 27..the sale rt now is hot air ballons the cotton candy stall and the novelty ballons...should i buy one of those or something the paint or marshmallow thing....
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
@juh try not to change the time to much and if u keep on doing the wrong way of the time cheat it will make u go behind
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
Norealer--the balloons are cool however the paint costume lets you play with the colors on just about anything. Im hoping someday the developers will let people gift anything. It would be nice if the gifts were on sale too lol.
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
Juh--there is a semi quick fix when you mess with the time CHEAT. You put each stall in storage and bring it back out, the time on the stall will go back to normal.
norealer 12 yr ago x
ok so paint or marshmallow?
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
Paint !
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
Norealer, ty for the tree :-). Your fair looks great! I was hoping for an update this week for Easter so we could try the hack again. I will keep you posted. Rock on Snoopy peeps .....
Sam 12 yr ago x
Add me on game centre im sam2210
norealer 12 yr ago x
should i update the new snoopy update...thank you twin u r soo welcome....
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Do u gys know if there will be a new update or new stores

Game center: ebuka91
Thanks ;-)
tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
I THINK the hack works again...using the file. I will be able to tell more when I have access to my PC tomorrow (Monday) Will post results..Keep your fingers crossed!
guest 12 yr ago x
Hi please add me, I need friends!!
Game Center: V.E.H.O.
Referral Code: G76wncw
tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
norealer-IT WORKS, I have 25K SD (green Snoopy Dollars)
I sent you 2 skateborders and a water fall....
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