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Jan 12 yr ago x
@TT please help me how can i get snoopy dollars...iv tried your suggestion before but can't figure it out...please help...thank you & thank you for the gifts...:)
Leebuka 12 yr ago x
@tattoedtwin I received your gifts. Thanks. But i have a problem. My fair is crashing,
Aikou 12 yr ago x
Add me up guys please? I need new friends :) and Anyone who's willing to give me a gift. Thankyou! Here's my RC:8YpLTWbM3 :)
tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
Jan, I put everything step by step in a previous have to have all that and apply it. Also you may want to Google Snoopy Street Fair Hack, there is another forum where I have, and others have, put step by step instructions. I don't want to mention names but you will know it when you see it. Hope that helps.
Lee- You are opening your gifts too fast, Beeline is aware of the problem and if you email them they might credit you some Snoopy Dollars. Good Luck.
Aikou 12 yr ago x
@Tattooedtwiin @Leon D Spann Thank you for all the gifts :) Godbless :)
Leebuka 12 yr ago x
@tattooedtwiin Thanks. I will email beeline that I lost the trampoline that you gave me because snoopy crashed.
Starr 12 yr ago x
Add me please!! My code: G7VMWTk ;)))
star 12 yr ago x
Hey add me I'm new and send out gifts. Would appreciate an beehive please and thanks :) G7NvDw7
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
@G7NvDw7, whats your game name for snoopy?
norealer 12 yr ago x
i need 8 more
Gegeebukaeuzoremeka 12 yr ago x
Hi I found a hack that can get I more then a million coins in two or even one day but I need people to ask first

Game center: ebuka91
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
Hacking and time cheats are 2 different things GeGeebuka, give it a rest with your " move your clock forward" crap.
We know you have a jailbroken device anyway...
My device is not jailbroken yet I have 500 million coins and 25K snoopy dollars.
By doing your time CHEAT all people are going to do is mess up their stalls ayout times. Beeline made aure of that.
norealer 12 yr ago x
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Ammm the cheat was to change the day and the game will give u 17000 every time u do that and I am very sorry if I caused and trouble ;(

Tattooedtwiin u may have anger problems but please stop being such a freaking pain in the ok that I may have given some wrong things but can u stop being so dog to me what did I ever do to u this is ment to be a nice place where we ask questions not fight so please stop :)

Game center: ebuka91
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
@Geeb... When you stop giving bogus cheats that cause people to crash their fairs and mess up their stall time I will stop. When giving cheat advise you should post what will happen to their fairs. As for anger issues, lol, not me, I have a rockin fun time.
Vette4mypl 12 yr ago x
I agree with Twiin.
All Geebuka does is give cheats that do allow you to earn money quickly yes, but at what price? Having issues with stalls and crashes aren't really worth it for a few million coins.You can get coins with the right stall placement and by playing the game often. Hacks are different then cheats, perhaps Gee needs to reference the difference.I used Twiins hack, and so have other forum users with no issues at all. Twiin has been more then fair on advice and gist giving as well.
Gegeebukaeuzoremeka 12 yr ago x
But I have done this like date cheat and it works my fairs are alright nothing happens just try and u will get like 1000 then u get 17000 it is really fun ;)

Game center: ebuka91
echu5 12 yr ago x
please add me f3wYc

thanks! :)
abbthemad 12 yr ago x
Hi all, could someone be so kind as to send me some free gifts please my name on snoopy is abbthemad code is GcDvzFJ would love a kite tree and some woodstock stuff,ive spent real cash and maybe i will try these hacks but im not to hot on these things, :)
echu5 12 yr ago x
@Tattooedtwiin...just wanna say thanks for the gifts you've been sending me! sorry that i can't send you anything as cool cuz i'm poor when it comes to snoopy dollars lol...not that you need it! your fair's got pretty much everything it needs!! :)

i saw your post about the hack, but i'm not very savvy when it comes to this kind of stuff and when i use diskaid, none of my apps are showing up...all i get is a pop up window for downloading fileapp. any ideas why?
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
@echu, make sure you have ALL APPS showing in diskaid, Im not at a PC right now but I will look tomorrow and post.
All extentions have to be viewable as well.
Sorry but I have to be looking at it to write it down for you.
echu5 12 yr ago x
nm! i figured it all out...thanks for the hack! worked like a charm :)
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
@echu.. Good job! Enjoy!
Gegeebuka 12 yr ago x
Anmmm what should I do when ever I try to accept my friends gifts my snoopys fair crashes :(

Tattooedtwiin I am very sorry hope we can be friends
abbthemad 12 yr ago x
@Tattooedtwiin i added you on snoopy ,sorry i could not send you SD Gifts,but i sent you some sets i know its not much but its the thought that counts, i have read your past post and im going to attemp to try these things with diskaid etc,but in the mean time could you send me some gifts etc please,also could you possible post the things you need opened in diskaid,when you get the time,thank you and any gifts are greatly accepted,
my name on snoopy is abbthemad code is GcDvzFJ
tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
@abb-I have posted the hack step by step many times, in this and other forums, google:Snoopy Street Fair's everywhere...
The only thing I would add at this point about the diskaid is: After I found my COINS, I moved 3 spaces to the left I think it said 00 00 00, not sure...Anyway I replaced the first 00 with 27, and the curser moved to the next set which I replaced with 0F. When I closed the hexeditor it asked if I wanted to save the changes on my desktop fille, I said yes(I kept a copy of the original in my document in case I messed up)
I then moved the file I just changed back into my diskaid and closed it.
I opened the APP on my phone and BOOM, 25K Snoopy Dollars.

Hope this helps!
Good Luck.

I will not be posting in the forums anymore.
Also better do it before the next update as it may change.
Abbthemad 12 yr ago x
@tattooedtwin, thank you, not to worried about coins, it's the $, but thank you anyway,yes will not update if there is one ,oh your fair is fantastic, I love all the bunnies and Woodstock stuff,see you in game & thank you again .....
Tattooedtwiin 12 yr ago x
Read my post again ... This hack is for snoopy dollars, not coins.
Abbthemad 12 yr ago x
No worries, I know :)
Saffy 12 yr ago x
Add me on snoopys street fair GzLcC93
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