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The Oregon Trail: American Settler iphone cheats free cash energy ipod game app

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guest 10 yr ago x
This game is fun but the energy level is terrible! It also freezes on my iPad. I wish there were more ways to get some cash instead of having to buy it.

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guest 10 yr ago x
It has energy I hate that part why not just keep the money part. Tips for future updates: we shouldn't have to worry about running out of energy. Also we shouldn't be forced playing online.
guest 10 yr ago x
It's so annoying that these games want extra money to go through the game. I would rather pay once. There should be a way to earn the dollars in the game.
(-)________3 10 yr ago x
Energy is making me mad any cheats
Csm4life 10 yr ago x
Change the time on your device a couple hours and you will get energy back
hook em 10 yr ago x
that worked!! thanks.
anitamadridhere 10 yr ago x
I need neighbors, help!
Replygirl 10 yr ago x
To get more energy on iPad go to settings general set date time set date to the next day works for almost any game I think on computer 2
2Kap 10 yr ago x
Okay so I set my clock ahead and got the extra energy. So I started playing not thinking to change my time back, and now the businesses I collected from are now stuck in limbo, after changing the time back.
DeniseDav 10 yr ago x
Why haven't I been able to collect from most of my buildings in Oregon settler in 2 days. What do I do to fix it I know it has something to do with "take my chances" but this is a long time. Please help??
Thank you
Guest 10 yr ago x
Some of my businesses say ready when I click on them, but nothing happens. My crops say ready too, but I can't collect them. One of my pioneers is sick and should be dead by now, but I can't do anything with her. I feel like the game needs to be reset. Any ideas?
RoxyDynamo 10 yr ago x
My settlement has random stretched out crops all over the place and I can't collect from businesses or help sick people either. Is this a glitch that will be fixed?
Guest 10 yr ago x
When I cure a sick person, it depletes all of whatever item I have. If I have 5 splints, but need to use 3, it takes all 5. WTH?
shell 10 yr ago x
i am on 19th still cant expand land..i m short of trees...the land expand icon is grey and i cand click on it!!!!

pls help...hw to expand land???
and if i gain energy by chnging time n perfrm tasks...does it regress wen i agn chg d time?
SSP 10 yr ago x
how do i gain or expand land??? i need to reach a certain level????

pls HELP!!!
Crystal rivers 10 yr ago x
You can plant new seedling trees for $100 each in the expansion tab. Wait for trees to mature or change clock to speed up growth
Snubz 10 yr ago x
Adjusting time stops the production after 1 full day. To cure sick people build a road under them!!!
Serenity 🌹 10 yr ago x
I have 2 quests I can't finish because the item I need (animal baits) is not in the store anywhere! Is that going to be fixed anytime soon? Or is there a way to get around it?
Mil 10 yr ago x
When you go into the store, click on the energy icon (3rd from right). Large and small animal baits should be there.
funkyfish 10 yr ago x
is there a cheat for money
bk125 10 yr ago x
How do I get free unlimited energy and cash
lelee 10 yr ago x
How do u get cash
sassystephb 10 yr ago x
how do attract certain types of fish.... cause this challenge wants 10 catfish... sigh...
sassy 10 yr ago x
I planted seedlings 5 days ago but they haven't grown any. What's the trick?
halesss 10 yr ago x
How do you buy more worms???
stryder 10 yr ago x
The game only loads to 72% then is kicked out from finishing loading. What can I do on my g2x without resetting and losing everything I worked for.
crystal 10 yr ago x
How do I get more worms? Plz help!!!!!
pua 10 yr ago x
U get more worms in the workshop by making them. U need 50 coins and 25 food
kaptankefferson 10 yr ago x
How do u earn or make cash
Gamer 10 yr ago x
How do I buy swans?
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