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The Oregon Trail: American Settler iphone cheats free cash energy ipod game app

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Henny b 10 yr ago x
YeaH I got swans at some point but I can't find them in the store now. Bighenzdakilla. Be my friend
char 10 yr ago x
So I tried changing my date 2 gain more enegy and it didn't work. I tried changing the time and it didn't work and I tied both 2gether and it didn't work! ... Any other ideas? I'm using my kindle fier btw
Heather 10 yr ago x
I need friends and more cash! Add me on gameloft live jv2671 is my username
Christina_rod09 10 yr ago x
Ok so how do I make someone my neighbor? I added the person as my friend in the gameloft area but it is still only giving me the option to invite the person even though they are playing the same game? How do I make it so they are my neighbor and I can visit their town and help them out?
madmac 10 yr ago x
i changed time and got the energy reload but when i changed time back i have all these crops and businesses saying ready but no action can be taken. i saw previous post that production stops after a day but what does that mean??
will they ever return? do i need to fast forward time and leave it alone or will i still get the same problem?
Shell 10 yr ago x
If u want good money take a large building and put tons on picnic baskets around it. Make like a big circle of baskets. It will increase ur building by over 525%. Then move buildings into the circle before u collect them.
Vic 10 yr ago x
I downloaded the game on my kindle fire and Cap masterson is telling me to inspect buildings to see how to RUSH 'em. I do not know what this means or how to do it. The whole game is locked until I complete this task. Can anyone please tell me how to do this?
Lobrey9 10 yr ago x
Please be my friend lobrey9
Lola 10 yr ago x
I am addicted to this game. Level 70 or something, energy increases as you level up but it caps out at 50 so you have to be strategic in how you use your energy. I play every day, have bought almost all the available land. You get rewards every day. I got some good houses for free. When u win them, they are in ur supplies and you can place them when ur ready. Get free cash by watching commercials for other games. Although that cash goes away after a few days if you don't spend it.

To get supplies build lots of workshops and to get medicine build lots of infirmaries. Lots. Then you'll have all the worms buckets bricks mortars splits herbs and medicine you need. Add stuff near buildings that increase their percentage and you get more coins when you collect
2shuz 10 yr ago x
Hey Lola. I'm rite there w/u. I'm at a point where I'm not getting anymore missions. Is that it? R there any more missions?
Cb 10 yr ago x
I like the game... I'm on level 50 but what sucks is that your energy won't go past 50 once you hit level 40... There needs to be some improvement on that.
Papa 10 yr ago x
How do u start over
Emariem 10 yr ago x
I haven't received a new mission in almost 2 weeks... Is that it? Am I finished? LVL 90 here
CaroleFlower 10 yr ago x
How do I move my buildings, I'm getting a bit crowded as Im new to the game, just figuring things out and realize I need to reconfigure my town.
Emariem 10 yr ago x
CaroleFlower: there is a move icon in your tool bar on the right hand side of the screen
mayratw 10 yr ago x
Hi, I need more friends on gameloft. I need neighbors. Thanx for all the tips you guys have posted. Mayratw
CaroleFlower 10 yr ago x
Stupid and frustrating that I can't just buy my tools to build. I have buy my tool and them I need material to build my tools so I can build my town. I'm tired of being nickeled and dimed at every turn!
kellerman87 10 yr ago x
add me kellerman87
siagiandedy 10 yr ago x
add me,i need help.thanks..siagiandedy is my username
Big D 10 yr ago x
I'm probably missing it somewhere but one of the tasks is to make bricks, anyone got any suggestions?
TheRhythmkOne 10 yr ago x
@Big D: you make bricks in the workshops. You have to have 2 horseshoes and 2 buckets which you can also make at the workshop
iaregooda 10 yr ago x
i played it on the i phone and i went to the gold game and got two fifty energy yet i could only hold thirty seven.
Drewweems 10 yr ago x
U get worms by going to crafting and craft them
Drewweems 10 yr ago x
How do you add friends
Lynette 10 yr ago x
How do I gain or expand land? I'm on level 19 and the land symbol is gray still.
slayer 10 yr ago x
How do i get cash fast in oregon settler???
slayer_X1994 10 yr ago x
Be my friend :)
quinto 10 yr ago x
Stop wasting money on crops. Once you get to where you can buy several swans sell all but just a few of your crop plots. Keep some crop plots to complete missions but reload your food by using the swans. They are worth 60 food and only take an hour to replenish. I have 36 Swans and never have to spend coins on crops.
Gamerhaley 10 yr ago x
How do you get free money/dollars not coins
nothappy 10 yr ago x
This Game is bullsh#t, All they want is credit,low energy. i don't want to spend extra money by me. To gameloft i would like to say, Don't make This Kind of Game, you are robbing people.
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