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The Oregon Trail: American Settler iphone cheats free cash energy ipod game app

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Game  7 yr ago x
How do I get sick people to appear? Need to cure 4 for a mission.
Mitch 7 yr ago x
Harvesting food crop is the only way to get people sick I think! I haven't had a a sick person in a while sence I do apples.
aziz_susanoo 7 yr ago x
Im now at lvl 67...i want to find/add neighbours? im so forever alone
Joquita 7 yr ago x
About half of buildings and ntrrees have disappeared. Will I get them back or will I have to buy again? Help!
Sarah 7 yr ago x
Need to hunt bears and I can't get them to appear, every animal but bear, what do I need to do to make them show up?
Atie 7 yr ago x
Hi I would like to know how I get the trophies rare fish - I cought tons of fish but not 13 rare ones
Also what is with trophy lottery - ?
Last is what type of horses is needed for this trophy - I have brown and spotted ones but do I need to spend collect cash for black ones to get it?

Deers pop up when you cut trees - and I noticed if you shoot your way through you get other animals too shoot and so the necessary one too
shay  7 yr ago x
Trees have popped up where they werent before and I had most of my land cleared and now its showing that not only do I have to clear it again but houses and business and crops are still there and I can't collect! Any advice?
shaund18 7 yr ago x
hi, i need friends on gameloft
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suzz 7 yr ago x
How do I wipe out the trees...there everywhere!!
dogwood bloom 7 yr ago x
Worms can be created in your workshop. I am on level 83 and at thus point am up to 50 energy. It feasts about every 2 and a half hours.
dogwood bloom 7 yr ago x
Sick people will appear as you work your way through collecting money and food.
dogwood bloom 7 yr ago x
Suzz- the only way to wipe out trees is to chop them down. You will need the timber for certain tasks. You can also increase your storage amount by buying/building sheds and barns.
Aj 7 yr ago x
My quest tells me to harvest potatoes but I can't find the seeds. What do I do?
sassy 7 yr ago x
I need potatoes too Aj, and I can't find them either. Stuck.
Sassy 7 yr ago x
AJ, for the potato seeds you click on the empty garden plot then your choices automatically come up. Don't go thru the backpack.
kadee 7 yr ago x
Is there a way to put animals in the barns? If so how do you do it?
Buttrflykj 7 yr ago x
I am on level 92 and have not ha any new quests in the past 2 levels. Is the game over??
Mr Dave 7 yr ago x
Does anyone know how to make the pioneers sick? No one has been bitten by a snake, broke a leg or caught small pox in a long, long time.
imichelle 7 yr ago x
Am up to level 100, quest wants me to build campaign office-- how do. I save enuff to is 750K coins?
ghuppy blade 7 yr ago x
please add me to be your friend, i need neighbours.
my id is ghuppy
mamquita 7 yr ago x
How do I use the hearts now that I cannot use them for prospecting. I am at level 107 and I need more land outside everything that I have bought, now what?
Dan 7 yr ago x
The key unlimited energy is not setting your time forward, it's setting it back.

Load the game and use what energy you have. Then switch to your time and date settings and set your time back 3 hours (if it's 8 Am now, set it to 5 AM). Go back to the game and you will see your timer counting down to your first energy. DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING. Go back to your time setting and move it back to the right time. Go back to the game and you will see that you now have 50 energy.

If you set the time ahead to get energy and you collect from something, and then go back to the right time, it will say ready until your device reaches that time again. NEVER click on anything unless your time is set for the ACTUAL RIGHT TIME.
soysoythedodoelf 7 yr ago x
How do I get the energy to help others when I'm visiting neighboring towns? It seems like I'm drawing from a separate energy count, and only 5 appear at a time at very random times. I'm trying to get more hearts to complete two quests.
sniccrs 7 yr ago x
love the energy limitatioon. makes you monitor your energy use and provides for conservative play. you should be able to buy cash with coin well as buy cash items for a coin price.
Mookie 7 yr ago x
I was just getting rdy to turn lvl 83 and my Oregon Settler froze up then crashed to my app. carasel then when I tried opening the app back up I lost everything in my prior settlement and had to start all over from scratch. (lvl 1). Once I got my new settlement to lvl 6 it told me I have to update the app, but when I try updating it tells me, "Unable to update." I have full signal on my WIFI connection.
Ryan :) 7 yr ago x
Add me
Darcy088 7 yr ago x
I'm on level 100 and one of my quest is to collect from an apple tree 25 times. Where do I find the apple tree? It's not under land expansions or decorations!
krytical56 7 yr ago x
add me please, need friends!!
Row 7 yr ago x
Does anyone have suggestions on what the best animal and house to purchase to get the most for your time wait, dollar to purchase, and energy used. For example, why buy a chicken to only get x amount of food even though you pay less coin? It's a waste of a use of energy when you can wait an extra hour for a bull or something for more food.
Tim 7 yr ago x
Please add me: in need friends!!

PS: I'm also playing Ice Age Village
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