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The Oregon Trail: American Settler iphone cheats free cash energy ipod game app

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Nicoleandjack 10 yr ago x
How do I get bricks? It says ask friends but I don't have any.
Candice 9 yr ago x
How do i help neighbors, im on their land but i cant do anythibg
Hryan 9 yr ago x
I can't fing the road in the store. I like buying the road because I separate the buildings with it so it looks neater. But it's not on there. Help plz
Mie 9 yr ago x
What level can I get more land.
Regnig5656 9 yr ago x
How do I get the word "pioneer" off when giving my pioneer's a name?
Hatboy410 9 yr ago x
Regnig5656, to edit the pioneer's name you tap on the pioneer, then tap the icon farthest the left of the window that pops up. This should open your keyboard on your phone in order to rename the pioneer. Delete their entire name first for it to work correctly; and just tap done.
twiggy26 9 yr ago x
Add me sophistication 84
dusblythe 9 yr ago x
Is there a way to remove buildings? I built a concert hall to complete a quest and it is absolutely useless just a way to advertise youtube. Takes space and it was a waste of coins.
dusblythe 9 yr ago x
feel free to add me I have no friends yet
raf 9 yr ago x
F###ING H###
Nathancf413 9 yr ago x
Please add me, nathancf413
Need neighbors to complete goals ASAP
BAMF 9 yr ago x
How do I get an apple tree?
Cckd 9 yr ago x
The apple tree is under where you would purchase land. Scroll to the right and it's on the top row.
Rachel 9 yr ago x
Just so everyone knows, adjusting the time for more energy stops the production of all buildings & animals after 1 day! Be careful because Idk if there's a way to fix it! :(
HookahSlayer 9 yr ago x
Is anyone else having trouble watching the app videos for free cash?
Level 127 9 yr ago x
Hint: when animals and apple trees are injured, visit another town and when you come back your animals are cured without using energy. Play on iPad and android. Land expansion problem on iPad. I only have 8 more land plots to buy but the timer continues to start over. All land is bought on android.
Lynnette 9 yr ago x
Im at level 106 , how do I get more land, is there a limit forth is game
Lynnette 9 yr ago x
Im at level 106 , how do I get more land, is there a limit for this game
Ryan 9 yr ago x
It won't let me collect my cash from buildings even though they say ready
Jessica linville 9 yr ago x
Please add me - projectmilf
Shaz 9 yr ago x
How to make cloth?
Briejoy 9 yr ago x
Add me as a friend for gifts and help!! Username is briejoy
Bosslady 9 yr ago x
I was on level 54 and visited a friends land who's on level 7. The game closed on my ipad but when I opened the game again my land progress was level 7 although it still says 54. I still have my cash, coins and items but I don't have any of my building, my storage capacity reset, if I wanted to start over and expand my land it cost 48000. When I visit my land on from a friends device my land is correct but not on my ipad!! This is really frustrating!! Does anyone know how to I could get my property to show correctly on my ipad?! I've contacted gameloft customer service with no success
Bosslady 9 yr ago x
if you need a friend my id is tprioleau2
Han 9 yr ago x
What level do u need to be to buy fence?
Carrissa1991 9 yr ago x
Add me as fried please everyone!!!!
terriF 9 yr ago x
Hey all :) so I am loving this game but stumped now cos it keeps asking to make bricks and hand drills - they are not in my work shop, any idea on where to find them or how to make them? It also asks me to build a mayson mansion (something like that) but it's not in the store as it says it is.
fanie101 9 yr ago x
how many levels does oregon settler have I am on level 106 is there any more
wld_thang 9 yr ago x
Please add me as your friend so I can vist your town and complete tasks. My gameloft is wld_thang
mooberking 9 yr ago x
Need friends please to complete quests
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