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The Oregon Trail: American Settler iphone cheats free cash energy ipod game app

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fanie101 9 yr ago x
I cant ad friends only by bbm so if any one has bbm who wants to add me let me know then I will provide my BBM pin only for the game
fanie101 9 yr ago x
How are Oregon going
Boopster 8 yr ago x
I no longer get animals unless I use bait. Anyone got a clue?
skilar214 8 yr ago x
I need to know how to make cloth I have purchased all the stuff in the tailor shop but not giving me credit for it and I need to know why I can't purchase land anymore at first it was cheap until I updated and now it says 660000 or 210 in cash what is up with that
monoel1984 8 yr ago x
Boopster: chopping trees and harvesting crops brings animals.
skilar214: you can make cloth in the workshop. As far as the land expansion goes, the more land you buy the higher the price but in your case it sounds like a bug. Contact Gameloft.
kadeidresthe1 8 yr ago x
How do i find friend? I need hearts and energy.
Gilbert7321 8 yr ago x
How to get unlimited money in oregen trail
Redz 7 yr ago x
How do I add friends
bryan 7 yr ago x
How do you get unlimited cash?
Ash 7 yr ago x
How can I remove dirt roads?
chucktevild 7 yr ago x
Found out , go prospect for gold and if you dont get cash just delete so and download it again to keep trying til you do . Then keep doing it every time prospecting comes up .
bill 6 yr ago x
how do I get money

Brandi 2 yr ago x
How do I rotate my buildings? I know how to move them, but if I want them to face a different towards me instead of sideways, what do I do?
Yeatboi 2 yr ago x
The energy is always bugging me. I wish there was a faster way of getting it. I also found a cheat on how to get 10000000 coins.
Yeatboi 2 yr ago x
Hi ash and redz and Brian, and Gilbert7321 my name is Trevor i am yeatboi.
Yeatboi 2 yr ago x
Hey i am writing a new book. If you wan’t to purchase a book give me your email. You can email me at The books are only 2.00$.
Jeremycity1 from roblox 1 yr ago x
How do I do this.
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