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Battle Nations free iphone cheats nanopods ipod touch game app hacks

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Lindane 6 yr ago x
How do you get ur population to increase so that you can get more building
Jb 6 yr ago x
What troops beat the brawler?
Examen123 6 yr ago x
Does somebody now a cheat or website to get easy teeth or claws and skulls
The_iPad_Lov3r 6 yr ago x
Now I have 166723 gold in battle nations I love this game
Bagunny 6 yr ago x

Christian Wallace 6 yr ago x
It's a great game . BUT It asks for too many nano pods in order to do practically anything in the game. You guys should definitely do something about the whole nano pod situation.
Screecha02 6 yr ago x
Umm love the game, but i think ive run out of missions? Im only level 9 but and ive got nothing on the left hand side of the screen saying progress or new or anything.. What to do, or am i being a total idiot and its right infront of me?
chinobling96 6 yr ago x
I dont like that everything cost so much. I wish u got like 50 nanopods for like .99 cents!!! And add me on there chinobling96 !!!
mike 6 yr ago x
how u can get brain to build SpecOps Center??? and where is the market in the game?? plz help me
MaybeNextTime 6 yr ago x
What do I do with the purple thing on the top?
Ddavidsmeyer 6 yr ago x
Why isn't my Stone Quarry producing?
Message it keeps giving: The Depot is too far or has no haulers.... Where do I get the haulers? There is nothing blocking it's path and what Depot?
Chicken196 6 yr ago x
Add me if you want help and advice. @ Ddavidsmeyer you must have the resource dept near the quarry to check the perimeter covered by the resource depot click "network" ect you should handle it from there... Haulers take up your pop so be careful and also you musnt block the path of the little car things.. Add me chicken196 :D
Superman 6 yr ago x
Necesito 300 o mas Nanopds gratis para
Battle ntions
Superman 6 yr ago x
Necesito conseguir nanopods gratis para el
Juego Battle nations
Thatguy 6 yr ago x
Move the purpli hat, magical thing, near an iron mine or coal mine for a boost.
tstaff 6 yr ago x
just started this game 2 days ago and love it however, build time and resources are pretty crazy, i mean come on 4 hours to make a muffin? i would touch on resources but it seems everyone is already on top of that, otherwise fun so far
Col 6 yr ago x
If you run out of missions than level up to get more.
Blue tiger 6 yr ago x
Why can't we get past level 30
Blue tiger 6 yr ago x
Just a note to any one who plays this game, be prepared to be disappointed you can't get past level 30. Which means you can't build everything you want or need to make the game more fun. So it's just a waste of time, energy & money don't be fooled get out while you still can!
gzsals 6 yr ago x
This game is completely unrealistic! To make any real progress you have to spend a lot of money. There so many other games out there a hundred times better if you want to pay the kind of money these game creaters want. They need to price things way more realistcaly
Shawn 6 yr ago x
The purple thing is ancient ruins. Increases income of RESOURCE COLLECTION like iron and stone by 25%. Not much, but it's something.....
Fred 6 yr ago x
Add me Fredgreen26 will help with raiders of any kind
Festa 6 yr ago x
What is this Pupil hat thing people are on about? Oh and agree with the cost of repairing troops! I'm level 27 and stuck because I need my troops to fight so I can complete missions but I constantly get invaded by up to 3 raiders at a time so fight them, then spend 2/3 days fixing my army just to be invaded again!
Datjohnsonkid 6 yr ago x
What do you do when already used tapjoy to the max? I still need more nano pods and more resources ??
Smanhatton 6 yr ago x
Can someone help with some raiders on my land, and advise how to kill them, i tried everything, thanks. Game name : smanhatton
Bobby Sue 6 yr ago x
umm how do i get enough nano pods for the bunkhouse?
Reesy574 6 yr ago x
The 'chances' in this game are really messed up? Like the odds off deflecting a shot are completely biased at times and the chances of finding a special material like a skull gear bars etc. are making it impossible to make things like one sniper?
Reesy574 6 yr ago x
I was wrong, the odds of deflecting are completely biased! I absolutely love this game i cannot put it down, but can i riot trooper really deflect or dodge a tank shell while lugging that massive shield which probably ways more then the tank that shot at him??
Macross 6 yr ago x
the game is totally geared for you to spend money on it. thats the only thing that is wrong with the game, unfortunatly if affects every aspect of the game.
Dry 6 yr ago x
After playing for two months and levelling out at lvl 30 I believe this game is just another FarmVille in disguise. Level 30 gantas is about all I have left to complete and given the huge losses everytime I try to clear a bit more of his defences away - coupled with the time wasted waiting for more irOn to be produced I simply can't. E bothered with this meaningless and cynical game. Sure you can waste your life downloading more of the same BS for free nano pods on tapjoy, but when all is said and done this is basically a game designed on the same basis as a slot machine - give em just enough reward to keep on cOming back. Seriously does anyone really enjoy the grind of repetitive clicking to collect in game resources- Its typical Pavlovian conditioning... Give it a miss or give it up and play a real game that doesn't f$:$k away your life and time
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