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Battle Nations free iphone cheats nanopods ipod touch game app hacks

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LikeaBoss 6 yr ago x
Do people just use this site to showoff and ask stupid questions? 'i can defend against anything' can you stand 7 heavy tanks-.-?? Abd actually read the updates, it helps you so much you won't need to ask stupid stuff!:O
mr man 6 yr ago x
dued wtf some missions wants you to spend all your nanopod that your saving up i have no cash to by nanopods i saved up like 42 and now im down to 7 that is sad
HTID Reesy574 6 yr ago x
A halloween special? Say a zombie outbreak you need to team up with the raiders to control it and after your back to fighting?
(plus theres a reason for 4x skull dropping, like you did in february)!
Tommypearson1999 6 yr ago x
If you go on to google and put in tapjoy and sign up to it then you can earn nanopods like if you download an iPod game and go on it for bout 1 Min you will have got somat like 7 nanopods and some of the games go up to like 55 nanopods and me on battle nations tommypearson1999
Matt 6 yr ago x
How do you get a cheat for more teeth and skulls
Textiotic 6 yr ago x
I have one question is there anyother website or anywhere i can get nanopods for FREE other then tapjoy?
G 6 yr ago x
You should make nano pods less rare otherwise great game.
HTID Reesy574 6 yr ago x
The only diversity in thr armys are buildings vehicles and troops? Lets get something different some new! Air pad that gives lnew units!
Fighter jets,
little brothers(those little helicopters with the machine guns, if you play call of duty mw3 its the AH-6 overwatch)
Ospreys just some air force?!
Plus you could have navy! And is there a possibility to have a medic, that heals troops around him or a nearby selected troop? Or repairman? And a chemical trooper!
ahmad7486 6 yr ago x
cant you just make a special day for free nanopods just 1 small single day thats all please
Twixman 6 yr ago x
Is there anyway that I can get defensive units or towers to select when going into battle with invading enemies on my land? I got guard towers and bunkers tried moving them nr invaders but still nothing to defend.

To get armies back after a battle with other players got to the armies tab which is the one next to map which looks like a soldier holding a gun. It will take some time after battle to get them back before you can use them again.
cam 6 yr ago x
please take the missions that require nanopods out
Kingnyles 6 yr ago x
If you need raiders or any thing then add me I am the best at takeing out raiders because iam very top lvl 35 so add me if you need any help add me :)
LikeABoss 6 yr ago x
KingNyles stop bragging! I dont think anyone cares to be honest? And stop asking these stupid questions your making this site look worse then wikianswers! And people on there ask ridiculous stuff!
damion1997 6 yr ago x
i cant sign up 4 tapjoy
any1 knows wat could be the problem and how to slve it?

add me
Guss 6 yr ago x
Tylerlallemand 6 yr ago x
Everyone who wants nano pods easy go to sign up free and all U do is download apps and get free nano pods or other rare currency for other games free
Yaoyao's 6 yr ago x
How can I hack it?
Mynation12 6 yr ago x
The purple thing gives you 20%more of whatever source you put it close to.
commander13m 6 yr ago x
Ich hoffe es funktionniert danke
Kil 6 yr ago x
They really need to increase the population
war14 6 yr ago x
hi war14 here can you help me pleace how much is the annimal trainer? pleace add me war14
war14 6 yr ago x
add me war14
Makeen 6 yr ago x
Guys another way for free nanopods is to go to the building icon select shops and find a black nanopod factory. It doesn't any nanopods to make it found need 12000 gold and a few other stuff! You need to complete some missions to unlock it I'm nearly there ill tell u what happens!
relikos 6 yr ago x
pour toute competion en matiere de camp (beauter et force) je cherche des gens pour aider et me defier sa tente quelqun? je suis level 45

for any competion in the field of camp (beauty and strength) Iím looking for people to help me and defy his tent anyone? Iím level 45
ARCANGELARIEL23 6 yr ago x
get more teeth by killing the mammoths on the world map, they come 3-5 new mammoths per day, plus gives you 7-14k coins per day
Anthony_ward 5 yr ago x
Add me I am level 24 and I love the game my ingame name is Anthony_ward
Kyle beast 5 yr ago x
When ever I try to make a tapjoy account it never logs me in even when I log in????!!!! HELPPPPPPP
Kyle Beast 5 yr ago x
Add me kylethebeast99
jakob55421 5 yr ago x
i need lots of nanos
jakob55421 5 yr ago x
need nanopods bad
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