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How can you hack/cheat on Tap Zoo 2 World Tour?! iphone stars/gold/coins

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Jesus 6 yr ago x
@WALKINONWATERR pleae post the hash code to your 860799 stars and if there is a chance you have a hash for safari gold it would be great....
Jesus  6 yr ago x
by the way someone knows how to increase the amount of rangers in the database????? i cant buy more animals because i am low on rangers!!!
Jasy 6 yr ago x
Can anyone tell me how to get coins in safari zoo?? i got my gold/star in safari zoo.
Ok, I got u J.. Anybody else know about that 3-way breeding tho? I don't have it yet either and was wondering where it was.. Oh, and sorry, I don't have any hash's for Safari Gold but if anybody else does let us know. I'm going to try a few things when I get home to my computer with the safari gold and see if it works
Matter of fact.. I forgot I saved the hash.. Here is a hash for 860,799 stars.. 3NRKgh1Aqdis
Somebody said earlier you have to manually type in the number of stars as well as the hash so don't forget to type 860,799 in the stars and let me know if it works y'all
hey 6 yr ago x
I was wondering why iexplorer dosent open on my 120th try still counting
Jesus 6 yr ago x
somebody knows how to increase rangers amount ???? i cant buy anymore!!!
ll 6 yr ago x
@Jesus no its not... @ everyone who doesnt want to cuz it deletes your safari can get it back and even further than before with the stars....
jesus 6 yr ago x
i was talking about rangers ! i want to increase their number it dosnt have anything to do with safari zoo ...i just dont know where and how to change their parameters....anybody??
Anybody figure how to get gold on the safari? Any safari gold hash? I tried a few things that don't seem to work.. Tried just using the hash from my regular zoo that has about a billion coins but it doesn't work.. Wonder if the safari has a whole different type of hash the the regular zoo
BiG PaPi K 6 yr ago x
I have the hacks for Tap Zoo 2 for UNLIMITED STARS. Picture is uploaded with my current game. I have ALL animals with 999,981,604 STARS left and have already hacked into the XP as well so I'm at LVL-50

ll 6 yr ago x
@BigPapiK could you please tell us that hack? :)
humper 6 yr ago x
i take it bigpapik yer not sharing how to do it
BiG PaPi K 6 yr ago x
Sorry guys, been busy at work. Email me and I will send you the directions on how to do it.
BiG PaPi K 6 yr ago x
Its a big lenghty and its a lot to type on my iPhone.
humper 6 yr ago x
what email bigpapik
keri 6 yr ago x
here is the has for coins
coin hash: K3zc6ue5Z/DF
offer coins hash: BM1TKPhZ2QLb

don't forget to manually change the # of coins as well as the has codes. don't use commas when you put in the number of coins. I know it's not a lot. If anyone has codes for more coins, let me know.
Heymant 6 yr ago x
Is there a specific reason why iexplorer do not open? Does it not work or something
humper  6 yr ago x
I'm very lost with this hash stuff how do enter this
humper 6 yr ago x
i get it now but how to you add gold to the safari
humper 6 yr ago x
this is a dumb questions but doesn't a hash calculator do all the number stuff for you
mehereyouthere 6 yr ago x
hash from walkinon... worked beautifully but coins from keri in the new opened zoo did not. Does any body have the hash for coins in the new zoo? Coins from the previouns world do not transfer into new one.
mehereyouthere 6 yr ago x
humper... where can I download a hash calculator? and how does it works?
KBRX 6 yr ago x
Can you leave the contact info? Big Papi K, thank you.
Maxi 6 yr ago x
It's so confusing, I need coins, I've used the "zoos" and "user" options and I change the hash coins and hash offered coins and then put in a numerical amount into the coins column but nothing happens to my coin amount. I used the information provided by keri above
xmen 6 yr ago x
coin hash did not work for me on tabzoo2
Maxi 6 yr ago x
Hey Big Papi K, here is my Email address:

If you could send me the information on how to do it, I'd really appreciate it, thanks! :-)
mehereyouthere 6 yr ago x
Maxi, if big papi is not a fake, please share the wisdom.
xmen 6 yr ago x
I used the info provided by WALKINONWATERR and got 860,799 stars. Used the same method on the info provided by Keri for coins and did not work.
Tapaholic 6 yr ago x
WALKINONWATERR Thanks so much!! The Stars hash works great!!! If anyone figures out the coins hash, please share, I have been trying and haven't figured it out yet!!
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