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My Town 2 iphone cheats free bucks coins ipad ipod touch game app

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lalola 12 yr ago x
I change everything but when I start game, the savegame file is always like before I change it :/ i dont know what to do with this, please help!
Killer 12 yr ago x
Thats the problem! You cant do it with mytown 3.1 because its server based! Meaning the server saves your save game and recognises if its been altered, if you alter it then it will bring it back to what it was when you last exited your game! I done mine before i updated my town! Sadly i cant do it now either! Lucky i had my bucks and coins before the update!! Sorry!! To those of you who have the previous version to 3.1 get as much bucks and coins as you can before updating!!!
Emajor 12 yr ago x
Hey guys just wanna make mytown more fun for me, add me ID:42719490
Kasha 11 yr ago x
I have been wondering how to get free coins, and bucks. And I have no clue how to do that??? Do you have any ideas?
Mommy's  11 yr ago x
I was a level 59, and my iPod crashed with the new io6( or whatever it's called) update. When I re-installed the my town 2 getaways app, I had to start over. Booyah says I have to have my original game ID, but I have no idea how to find it, I am really bummed to have to start over again.
Umm 11 yr ago x
How do I do this????
New Zion  11 yr ago x
So I noticed when I am able to give dollars as a gift, a phrase at the bottom says "Your friend needs a level 10 business". Which in my mind means they already have a level 9 business. So when I spent two days getting one of my businesses to a level 9, which has Ben the case for 1 week now, I am still only getting "check-ins" as gifts. What gives? I do appreciate any gift, but bucks are so precious, and you do not lose any item you gift, which I didn't know at first.
LOVEALOT: going to gift you bucks, let me know if you are even able to gift me back in bucks.
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